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A GDPR Update to Community Leaders and Organizers

Earlier today, we sent the following email to all active community leaders and organizers, informing them of the coming SQLSaturday, Local Group, and Virtual Group changes and updates resulting from the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) implementation: 

Last week, we shared a PASS News article highlighting PASS’ Commitment to Data Protection and Privacy. As I’m sure many of you are aware, the GDPR comes into effect in an enforceable way on May 25, and we have been working to ensure that PASS is in a defendable position as of this date.

While the GDPR is an EU regulation, it applies to any organization or event that has any EU citizen’s data. PASS has a global membership where many speakers, sponsors, and attendees attend events internationally, so it is important that we adopt and comply with the GDPR to minimize the risk to PASS, community leaders and organizers, and to protect the privacy and security of PASS members’ data. To ensure that organizers who may be processing data of EU citizens are adhering to the principles and best practices of GDPR, we are applying the standards of the GDPR across the PASS organization, including PASS Virtual Groups.

In an effort to ensure that all PASS members have a clear understanding of how their personal data is collected, stored, and used, we will be making the following updates:




Website Updates

PASS Terms of Use

The terms of use apply to all content on the PASS site and has been updated to provide transparency on data collection and use when accessing the site.

All PASS Members

PASS Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains data collection and use practices of the PASS site. It has been updated to ensure transparency and make it easier to understand.

All PASS Members

Cookie Module

A cookie module has been added to all and associated sites, allowing visitors to modify their cookie preferences


All PASS Members

SQLSaturday Sponsor Mailings Opt-in

Language updated to clarify the information that organizers may share with sponsors.


SQLSaturday Message Center

Language added to clarify the intended use of the portal.


SQLSaturday Privacy Disclaimer on Registration Page

Language updated to correctly reflect the opt-in practices that PASS follows.


SQLSaturday FAQ

Content will be added to the SQLSaturday FAQ website, highlighting valuable information related to the GDPR.


Organizer Access to SQLSaturday Event Portal

SQLSaturday organizers will have access to Event Admin portals for any specific event for up to a maximum of two (2) years, starting when the event portal is launched, up to one year following the event date.

This period will allow sufficient time for event operations and access to the previous year’s event portal, as a repeat organizer.

In order to protect member data, new organizers will not be added to past events. Organizers can contact with unique requests for access.


“Join” Group to “Subscribe” to Group

Language updated to ask members to “subscribe” to a Local or Virtual Group, instead of “joining” a group, to clarify the intent to receive communication.

Local Groups & Virtual Groups

Remove ability to manually upload contacts in the PASS Group Dashboard

This feature was removed from the PASS Group Dashboard in order to reduce the risk to compliance resulting from uploading contacts that had potentially not provided express consent.

Local Groups & Virtual Groups

Documentation Updates

Right to be Forgotten

This document outlines the process that has been put in place for organizers in the event they are approached with a request for their information or the right to be forgotten.

All PASS Members

SQLSaturday Data Processing Policy

This document clarifies the roles and responsibilities of SQLSaturday organizers under the GDPR.


SQLSaturday License Agreement

The agreement has been updated to define the duration of the agreement and clarify the role of the Processor.


We appreciate your understanding as we implement these changes to ensure compliance with data privacy legislation. Over the next few weeks, we will send organizers and leaders additional resources so that we can work together to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance for PASS and its members. 

Please direct any questions related to GDPR or data compliance to For all other community related questions, please email

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