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Thank you to our sponsors: Microsoft, SQL Sentry and Idera for making this 24 Hours of PASS event possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Session 01 - Starts at 00:00 GMT
SSIS Tips & Tricks
Presenter: Josef Richberg

Session 02 - Starts at 01:00 GMT
Persistence In The Cloud: How to use Azure Storage
Presenter: David Giard

Session 03 - Starts at 02:00 GMT
Tier-1 BI in the Age of Bees and Elephants
Presenter: Denny Lee

Session 04 - Starts at 03:00 GMT
Performance Tuning for Pirates!
Presenter: John Sterrett

Session 05 - Starts at 04:00 GMT
Integrating DQS, MDS and Your Data Warehouse
Presenter: Christopher Price

Session 06 - Starts at 05:00 GMT
High Volume Data Processing Techniques Without Driving Your DBA Crazy!
Presenter: Julie Koesmarno

Session 07 - Starts at 06:00 GMT
Upgrading and Overhauling Your SSIS Packages for 2012
Presenter: Jessica Moss

Session 08 - Starts at 07:00 GMT
A Window into Your Data: Using Window Functions in T-SQL
Presenter: Steve Hughes

Session 09 - Starts at 08:00 GMT
VertiPaq under the hood
Presenter: Marco Russo

Session 10 - Starts at 09:00 GMT
STOP! Consolidate and Listen!
Presenter: Jorge Segarra

Session 11 - Starts at 10:00 GMT
Where are my (primary) keys?
Presenter: Ami Levin 

Session 12 - Starts at 11:00 GMT
SQL Server 2012 Memory Management
Presenters: Neil Hambly

Session 15 -  Starts at 14:00 GMT
SQL Server First Responder Kit
Presenter: Kendra Little

Session 18 - Starts at 17:00 GMT
A Deep Dive in SQL Server 2012 Data Warehousing
Presenter: Dejan Sarka

Session 19 - Starts at 18:00 GMT
Panel: I Was Young and Didn't Know Any Better
Presenter: Karen Lopez

Session 20 - Starts at 19:00 GMT
Introducing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
Presenter: Nabeel Derhem

Session 21 - Starts at 20:00 GMT
Moves Like Jagger - Upgrading to SQL Server 2012
Presenter: Mark Broadbent

Session 22 - Starts at 21:00 GMT
What to Look For in SQL Server 2012 Execution Plans
Presenter: Grant Fritchey

Session 23 - Starts at 22:00 GMT
SQL 2012 - HA and DR Lots of New Options
Presenter: Joseph D'Antoni

Session 24 - Starts at 23:00 GMT
Improving the Performance of your Data Warehouse Queries with Columnstore Indexes
Presenter: Benjamin Nevarez

* Please be sure to check our time zone guide for exact times in your area. This 24 Hours of PASS event begins at 00:00 GMT on March 21 and runs for 24 consecutive hours.



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