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Clever Queries: Crafting MDX Queries to get the Most out of SSRS
Erika Bakse

Dynamic MDX: Packing a Punch into One .rdl
Erika Bakse

Reporting Services 201: The Next Level
Jes Borland

Decisions, Decisions...Calculations in SSRS Source Query or in Expressions?
Melissa Coates

Relational Database Design 101
Diana Dee

SQL Server Performance
Isabel de la Barra

Spatial Data…Cooler Than You’d Think
Hope Foley

Self Service BI in SQL Server 2008 R2 (PowerPivot)
Hope Foley

SQL Azure after One Year
Sarita Garg

Defining Your Approach to Troubleshooting
Cindy Gross

SQL Server Performance Tools
Cindy Gross

Intelligent ETL with SQL Server
Jyoti Gupta

T-SQL Awesomeness – 3 Ways to Write Cool SQL
Audrey Hammonds

Design and Deploy Optimized SQL Server on VMware
Wanda He

Database Workloads and Access Patterns
Jisha J

How Dell helps SQL Server Database Scale with FlexMem Bridge
Jisha J

What You Don’t Know about SSRS 2008R2
Kathi Kellenberger

Intro to SQL Azure
Lynn Langit

Migration to SQL Azure
Lynn Langit

TwitterData on Azure (end-to-end demo) – How We Did It
Lynn Langit

Entity Framework for the DB Administrator
Kati Iceva

SQL Server Internals: It’s What’s For Dinner!
Christina E. Leo

Entity Framework – Not as Evil as you May Think
Julie Lerman

Quick Fixes to Common Workplace Wardrobe Malfunctions
Andie Letourneau

What's New in SQL 2008 for Late Adopters
Andie Letourneau

No More Bad Dates: Using Temporal Data Wisely
Kendra Little

Five Physical Database Design Blunders and How to Avoid Them
Karen Lopez

S#*! My Database Says
Karen Lopez

T-SQL Code Sins: The Worst Things We Do to Code and Why
Jennifer McCown

The T-SQL White Belt
Jennifer McCown

Reporting Services
Sherri McDonald

DBA as Protector of the Data: Notes from the Field
Denise McInerney

XML in My Database! Implementation on a Live e-Store Using SQL Server
Denise McInerney

Change the Landscape. Change the Trajectory of a River
Tamara McKinney

Microsoft BI - More than just SQL 
Jessica Meats

BI is the Future: How Can You Get Started?
Stacia Misner

Multidimensional Thinking
Stacia Misner

Introducing Microsoft's Enterprise Data Information Management Products
Jessica Moss

Completion and Migration of a SQL 2003 Database and ASP .NET 1.1 Web Application Using Software Engineering Practices
Rae Nims

SQL Azure - Seeing your data through the Cloud
Wendy Pastrick

Replication, Log Shipping and Mirroring, OH MY!
Wendy Pastrick

Blueprint for Fool-proof Re-Indexing of VLDBs 
Lisa Phillip

Many-to-Many Dimensions – ETL to Cube
Lisa Phillip

Get the most out of SQL Server Standard Edition
Diane Robey

SQL Server AlwaysOn: the Next Generation High Availability Solution 
Lara Rubbelke

Helpdesk to DBA in 60ish minutes           
Meredith Ryan

SQL Server Essentials: New to SQL Server?  Here is Where you Start.
Lilly Schmidbauer

Bad Plan! Sit!
Gail Shaw

Tips & Tricks for dynamic Reporting Services Reports
Pam Shaw

On Demand Subscriptions – no crystal ball required
Pam Shaw

Plan Cache: A look under the hood
Sangeetha Shekar

Introduction to Microsoft Master Data Services with Tips “From the Trenches” 
Ilona Shulman

Cool Tricks to Pull From Your SSIS Hat
Julie Smith

Creating Maintenance “Strategeries”: It’s Not Just About WMDs
Erin Stellato

Dashboards Design and Practice using SSRS
Jen Stirrup

Data Visualization: Euclid's Royal Road to the Numbers?
Jen Stirrup

Indexes and Execution Plans
Kim Tessereau

All about SQL Server Memory Settings for DBAs
Vyshnavi Thota

Index Internals for Mere Mortals
Michelle Ufford

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