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Understanding SARGability to Make Your Queries Run Faster


Presenter: Rob Farley, LobsterPot Solutions


Session 24: September 16 at 23:00 GMT


Session Details

There’s so much more to SARGability than people think, and you can miss out on some significant performance benefits by not fully appreciating it. SARGable means Search-ARGument-able and relates to the ability to search through an index for a value. Unfortunately, many database professionals don’t really understand it—especially in regard to joins—leading to queries that don’t run as well as they should. This session involves lots of demos, showing plenty of queries and execution plans.


About the Speaker



Rob Farley runs LobsterPot Solutions, a Gold Partner SQL Server & BI consultancy in Adelaide, Australia. He presents regularly at PASS chapters and conferences such as TechEd Australia and SQLBits (UK), heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group, sits on the South Australian committee of the Australian Computer Society, and has held Microsoft certifications since 1998 (including MCDBA, MCSD, MCPD, and MCITP). Rob is an MCT and has been a SQL Server MVP since 2006. He has helped create several of the MCP exams, wrote two chapters for SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, and created the PASS chapter map that can be found on the PASS website.


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