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Identifying Costly Queries


Presenter: Grant Fritchey, FM Global


Session 09: September 15 at 20:00 GMT


Session Details

My Spotlight session at PASS Summit will show you how to use execution plans to identify problems in your queries, ways to fix those problems, and what the execution plan will look like after you’re through. But before you dive into the execution plans, you need to identify the queries and procedures that are causing your system the most pain. This introductory-level session will explain several useful ways to gather metrics on query performance. You will learn what a server-side trace is, how to set one up, and why you would want to. You’ll learn mechanisms for identifying costly queries by using the information from inside the server’s memory. You’ll also see several ways that SQL Server Management Studio can help you gather performance metrics. With the information and skills you’ll gain in this session, you can begin to systematically identify the queries that are hurting performance in your system, and you’ll be able to get that information right away.


About the Speaker



Grant Fritchey works as a database administrator for FM Global, an engineering and insurance company. Grant has 20+ years of experience in IT, including time spent in support and development. He has been working with SQL Server since version 6.0 in 1995. He has experience developing in VB, VB.NET, C#, and Java. Grant volunteers with PASS and currently serves as president of the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group (SNESSUG). He has written two books, SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled and SQL Server Execution Plans, and was awarded SQL Server MVP status in 2009 and 2010.


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