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Automate Your Database Maintenance Using Ola Hallengren’s Free Script


Presenter: Brad M McGehee, Red Gate Software


Session 20: September 16 at 19:00 GMT


Session Details

One of the common ways that DBAs (especially novice DBAs) create database maintenance plans is to use the Maintenance Plan Wizard. But the wizard isn’t very flexible, and if it isn’t properly used, it can result in poor database maintenance plans. More experienced DBAs often use T-SQL or PowerShell scripts to create custom database maintenance plans.


However, a lot of experienced DBAs lack the time to create their own scripts, and many novice DBAs don’t have the knowledge to create custom scripts. If you can’t create your own custom scripts, is your only option to use the Maintenance Plan Wizard?


Fortunately, there are many generic database maintenance scripts that are much more flexible and powerful than those created by the Maintenance Plan Wizard. In this session, we look at a T-SQL database maintenance script written by Ola Hallengren, which not only offers great flexibility but is easy to implement, even by inexperienced DBAs.


About the Speaker




Brad M McGehee is a SQL Server MVP and the Director of DBA Education for Red Gate Software. He is a frequent speaker at PASS Summit, PASS European Conference, SQL Connections, SQLTeach, devLINK, SQLBits, SQLSaturdays, TechFests, Code Camps, and SQL Server user groups.


A well-respected name in SQL Server literature, Brad is the author or co-author of more than 15 technical books and over 250 published articles. His most recent books include How to Become an Exceptional DBA (2nd Edition), Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008: The Top Ten New Features for DBAs, Mastering SQL Server Profiler, and Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans. He blogs at


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