24 Hours of PASS: Summit 2017 Preview

24 Hours of PASS Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their continued support of our event. With their help, PASS is able to provide another exciting virtual conference.

Presenting Sponsors

Quest helps our customers reduce tedious administration tasks so they can focus on the innovation necessary for their businesses to grow. Quest® solutions are scalable, affordable and simple-to-use, and they deliver unmatched efficiency and productivity. Combined with Quest’s invitation to the global community to be a part of its innovation, as well as our firm commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, Quest will continue to accelerate the delivery of the most comprehensive solutions for Azure cloud management, SaaS, security, workforce mobility and data-driven insight.

Melissa Global Intelligence provides data quality and identity resolution tools for SQL Server and .NET to perform the tasks of ensuring new incoming data is in good condition and maintaining data quality over time. Utilizing comprehensive reference datasets, Melissa solutions verify, standardize, dedupe, enrich, geocode and update global contact data including address, name, email and phone data.  Since 1985, Melissa has helped businesses of any size improve data management, data governance and business analytics with clean, reliable and actionable data. Melissa is a Registered Microsoft Partner with international offices in the U.K, Germany and India.  

Nutanix makes IT infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud, without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises infrastructure. Whether upgrading existing infrastructure or deploying new environments, Nutanix is the ideal solution for virtualized SQL Server deployments.
- Consolidate SQL Server databases and VMs onto a single converged platform
- Run Microsoft SQL Server with other critical workloads, without sacrificing performance or reliability
- Remove the complexity and reduce the costs of traditional storage
- Eliminate planned downtime and protect against unplanned issues to deliver continuous availability
- Keep pace with rapidly growing business needs





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