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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
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Application & Database Development

“Sneak Peak” Cloud App Development Immersion- Hands on approach to build data-driven Intelligent applications
This session is a preview of the Pre-Con at PASS Summit 2016. Get hands-on and learn how to...
Tara Shankar Jana

A Closer Look at Distributed Availability Groups
SQL Server 2016 introduces a new way of deploying an availability group: Distributed Availability...
Allan Hirt

From XML to JSON
XML and JSON are two widely used markup languages, shared by many applications and data platforms....
Guy Glantser

Indexing for Beginners
Database indexes can drastically improve the performance of queries. They can seem like magic if...
Kathi Kellenberger

Locking, Blocking, Versions: Concurrency for Maximum Performance
In this preview session, we’ll discuss the various aspects of locking under pessimistic concurrency...
Kalen Delaney

MongoDB for the SQL Server Professional
NoSQL databases are on the rise. Today, many data-oriented applications use a NoSQL database and...
Matan Yungman

Optimizing Database Access And Diving Into .Net SqlClient
The prevailing opinion is that the optimizations for SQL Server are usually only done on the server...
Mladen Prajdić

Overcoming a Culture of FearOps by Adopting DevOps
FearOps is the fear of change; the fear of manual or automated deploys to production systems....
Hamish Watson

Performance Pitfalls from Code Reuse
Have you ever found yourself deconstructing endless layers of nested code? Is your T-SQL codebase...
Andy Yun

The Ambiguous Case of Off-Row Storage in In-Memory OLTP
LOB Data and Operational Analytics support in SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP dramatically...
Dmitri Korotkevitch

Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict Consumer Price Index
Inflation is one of the economic phenomena that receive particular attention from public policy...
Patricio Cofre

BI Information Delivery

Create a Power BI Solution in One Day
Preview this full-day seminar, where you are guided in creating a complete analytical solution,...
Marco Russo

Effective Data Visualization with SQL 2016 - Data Near and Far
This preview of the Summit day-long session will explore the data visualization tools available...
Brian Larson

My Favorite Pie (Chart): Simple Rules for Clear Visualizations
Dataviz guru Stephen Few once stated that we should “save the pies for dessert”. What he meant is...
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

A Crash-Course in Biml
Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) is one of the most compelling evolutions of the SSIS...
Tim Mitchell

Developing a SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services Solution
In this session, Peter Myers will develop a SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services (MDS) solution to...
Peter Myers

Enabling Real-time Analytics with CDC and Data Warehouse Automation
Today’s reporting and analytics expectations are more demanding than ever. However, IT resources...
Kevin Petrie, Jen Underwood, Reza Khan

R Language for the SQL Server DBA
R and Python are the new tools for data professionals. The SQL Server DBA should know how to...
Eduardo Castro

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Dr. DMV: How to Use DMVs to Diagnose Performance Problems
SQL Server 2005 introduced Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that allow you to see exactly what is...
Glenn Berry

Securing your Data is Easier Than Ever: Security Investments in SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Data Warehouse
This session discusses how customers can secure their data in SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL Database,...
Joachim Hammer

The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization
Your SQL Servers are probably virtualized at this point, but do you feel you have lost that control...
David Klee

The Synergy of In-Memory Operational Analytics
Hekaton, Columnstore, and R are all well-recognised technologies in their own right, offering...
Rob Farley

Understanding and Monitoring Tempdb
Every SQL Server system that you work with has a tempdb database. Join Summit speaker Vicky Harp in...
Vicky Harp

Professional Development

500-Level Guide to Career Internals
This is not yet another career session that tells you to be friendly and network. Forget that -...
Brent Ozar