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The 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview sessions are listed here by track. You may also view the sessions in chronological order. This 24 Hours of PASS event begins at noon UTC on September 17* and runs for 24 consecutive hours.

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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Professional Development

Application & Database Development

50 Things All SQL Server Developers Need to Know
At this year's PASS Summit, I will be delivering a full day seminar for developers, entitled, "50...
Aaron Bertrand

7 Tips to Performance Tuning, Optimization, and Everything
This demo-oriented session answers the questions that database administrators and developers often...
Pinal Dave

Distributed Replay: Testing with Your Data, Your Way!
Do you want to test application upgrades, index tuning or multi-client applications with data...
Melody Zacharias

Hadoop Essentials for the SQL Server Professional
New to Hadoop?  Lets get started. In this session we will begin with a quick 'Hadoop in 10 minutes'...
Bill Preachuk

Highlights From Index Internals: RowStore, ColumnStore, and NoStore!
Indexes allow SQL Server to access your data in the most efficient manner. Indexes are the only...
Kalen Delaney

Optimize ALL THE DATA! Preview Edition
In everything you do we want you to be successful. From daily life to the IT world that you live....
Bradley Ball, Josh Luedeman

Take the SQL Server Index Quiz!
How well versed are you on SQL Server indexes? Join this free session to take a quiz on SQL Server...
Kendra Little

The Top 8 Reasons for Your Transaction Performance Problems
Transaction is running slow! You have definitely heard this at least once in your daily work as a...
Margarita Naumova

BI Information Delivery

Visualizing Data: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Microsoft BI stack provides an assortment of data visualization tools, but do you know how to...
Stacia Varga

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

Advanced Scripting Using SSIS Script Tasks and Components
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) offers significant capabilities out of the box. However,...
John Welch

Beginners Guide to MDX
Give your queries a multidimensional makeover. In this session we'll look at the structure and...
Alex Whittles

Building Better SSIS Packages
Building packages in SQL Server Integration Services is easy. Building good packages takes a bit...
Tim Mitchell

Finding Your Balance: BI in the Cloud, On Premises, or Both
In this last nine months, the whole world of Microsoft BI has had significant changes—Microsoft...
Joseph D'Antoni

Integrating SQL Server Analysis Services with Hadoop
Although Hadoop is designed for scalability with massive amounts of data, it is inherently slow....
Edwin Sarmiento

Taking the Scare out of Monster Reports
So the big wigs have come up with a “master” report that shows everything you could ever want on a...
Pam Shaw

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Building a Scalable Analytical Solution Using IaaS and Elasticsearch
This session is a teaser to my half day session at this year's PASS Summit in Seattle.  The cloud...
Allan Mitchell

Hacking Exposé Too: Just How Transparent is TDE?
You need to be compliant but can’t change source code or SQL code. What’s your option? Transparent...
Chris Bell

How to be a Ninja: Troubleshooting SQL performance on Azure Virtual Machines
Troubleshooting is an art but the tricks of the trade changed with the advent of Azure Virtual...
Amit Banerjee, Sourabh Agarwal

SQL Server Internals: The Practical Angle - Sneak Peek
A deep understanding of SQL Server internals makes it much easier to design and maintain efficient...
Dmitri Korotkevitch

The Enterprise Scripting Workshop
The database administrator (DBA) life can be frustrating: You rarely have time to innovate because...
Sean McCown

Upgrade and Migration Planning BI Features for SQL Server 2014 and 2016
An upgrade and/or migration is far more than just a case of moving a database or installing a new...
Paul Turley

What’s New for High Availability in SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016
SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 will be here before we know it. These new versions bring...
Allan Hirt

Professional Development

Leadership Without Borders: Working with Global Teams
As companies become more global, IT teams need to adapt. This often means having resources in...
Mike Hillwig

Stress Inoculation: Maintaining Performance Under Pressure
Stress is a natural reaction to demanding events for which our natural resources to cope or react...
Russ Thomas