This 24 Hours of PASS: Growing Our Community event took place on June 24 and 25. The event featured 24 webcasts delivered over 24 hours by first-time and up-and-coming speakers to present their knowledge to the Global PASS Community. Session recordings are available under each session's Details page.

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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Professional Development

Application & Database Development

Common Table Expressions - Advanced
You have been introduced to Common Table Expression, you understand the WITH syntax, but you want...
Steve Stedman

Database Design: Solving Problems Before they Start!
Explore the most important topics in database design and discuss examples of where design mistakes...
Edward Pollack

Every Byte Counts: Why Your Data Type Choices Matter
Ever encounter a table consisting only of BIGINT, CHAR(255), and NVARCHAR(MAX) columns? Did your...
Andy Yun

Introduction to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB
In this session I will demonstrate how to create a DocumentDB instance in Azure, how to work with...
Jeff Renz

Offline Database Development and Unit Testing with SSDT
Unit testing is a process commonly used by application developers. Nowadays it can be used for...
Andrey Zavadskiy

Protecting Your Data with Encryption
We’ve all seen the recent news stories about companies whose data has been stolen by hackers. What...
Ed Leighton-Dick

BI Information Delivery

Introduction to the Power BI Designer
Power BI Designer is a new standalone Business Intelligence tool that allows you to design and...
Steve Wake

Understanding and Visualizing Data Using R in SQL Server
Language R for Statistical computing is powerful language for data analysis with all great...
Tomaž Kaštrun

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

Don't Repeat Yourself - An Introduction to Agile SSIS Development
SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is a powerful tool for extracting, transforming and loading...
Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Improving Data Analytics with Azure Machine Learning
Companies are looking for the existing data to provide answers for many questions and Azure Machine...
Ginger Grant

Optimizing your data warehouse for OLAP Processing
Analysis Services have become a major part of upper management daily decision making activities. ...
Konstantin Melamud

Rethink your ETL with BIML
It's estimated that 70% of data warehousing development is in the extract, transformation, and load...
Chris Schmidt

SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices
A journey through best practices in relation to scalable SQL Server Analysis Services cube design....
Alan Faulkner

Cloud Application Development & Deployment

Azure IOT: A Practical Introduction to Stream Analytics
Azure Stream Analytics is a integral piece of the new Internet of Things Suite offering from...
Scott McCormick

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Common SQL Server Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Making mistakes is natural, but learning from them and avoiding them in future takes effort....
Tim Radney

Curious Cases of Availability Groups
It's been more than two years after the release of the AlwaysOn Availability Groups and every day...
Murilo Miranda

Data Pages, Allocation Units, IAM chains... Oh My!
Understanding how SQL Server organizes your data under the hood can seem like a daunting task. In...
Brandon Leach

Overlord - tracking changes, real-time, in your environment
Don’t you LOVE it when changes are made to your databases without notice!? Those AWESOME “Object...
Michael Bourgon

SQL Server Agent: The life preserver for the drowning DBA
Automation is a key part to becoming a great DBA. Without automation a DBA can start to drown in a...
Lance Tidwell

The Art and the Science of Designing a Mission Critical SQL Server Solution
When asked to design a critical database system, too many people pick an HA feature and then design...
Maxwell Myrick

The Data Loading Performance Presentation
Loading huge amounts of data into SQL Server can be a challenging task. When doing it, there are...
Matan Yungman

Trend Analysis of SQL Error Logs: Seeing Beyond the Error
You carefully search for errors in the logs daily and fix them as they come. Recently, you noticed...
Paul Ou Yang

Turbo-Charged Transaction Logs
The transaction log is one of the most critical, yet often misunderstood components of SQL Server....
David Maxwell

Professional Development

Making the Leap from Developer to DBA
You are a Developer (.NET, SQL or otherwise) but you have been doing some DBA work and have now...
Amy Herold