This 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview event will take place on July 31, beginning at 12:00 GMT and will feature 24 webcasts delivered over 24 hours. The event will provide a glimpse into the unparalleled content on offer at PASS Summit 2013, October 15-18, in Charlotte, NC.

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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Cloud Application Development & Deployment
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Application & Database Development

Building Your T-SQL Tool Kit: Window Function Fundamentals
Have you pulled a script to identify duplicates from a blog post but couldn’t quite get it to work...
Christina Leo

Design Matters! The Performance Impact of Database Design
Time-travel stories all have one common plot element: some action done in the past has a big impact...
Audrey Hammonds

Hands-on Fundamentals for Good SQL Server Programming
You’ve figured out how to write queries to read data, transactions to write and modify data, and...
Kevin Kline

How to Design a Relational Database
Database design is a seemingly natural process, lending everyone to try to do it themselves, from...
Louis Davidson

Practical Performance Troubleshooting
You’re a developer or DBA stuck with a database server that's not going fast enough. You've got a...
Brent Ozar

BI Information Delivery

Delivering Analytics with Excel 2013: 10 Secrets for Success
Long gone are the days of basic table functionality in Excel. The newest version, Excel 2013,...
Josh Fennessy

From Reporting Services Rookie to Rockstar
This 24 Hours of PASS session provides an introduction to Reporting Services for report developers...
Stacia Varga

Geospatial Analytics Using Microsoft BI
In this age of Big Data, location matters more than many people imagine. Almost every set of data...
Jason Thomas

PowerPivot Data Modeling Techniques
PowerPivot enables an Excel user to combine data from various sources, quickly perform information...
Susan O'Connell

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

0 to MOLAP in 60 Minutes
This 24 Hours of PASS session will help you get started with SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) by...
Brian Knight

Big Data Visualization for Business Intelligence Professionals
What does Big Data mean for the Business Intelligence professional? Microsoft has partnered with...
Jen Stirrup

Building an Effective Data Warehouse Architecture
You’re a DBA, and your boss asks you to determine if a data warehouse would help the company. So...
James Serra

Slicing and Dicing: Attributes and Hierarchies in SSAS 2012
This 24 Hours of PASS session will explain how to use attributes and hierarchies in the SQL Server...
Thomas LeBlanc

Cloud Application Development & Deployment

Into the Blue: Extending AlwaysOn Availability Groups
For many organizations, having a second data center or co-location center doesn’t make sense,...
Joseph D'Antoni

SQLCAT: Windows Azure Data Platform
Want to learn architectural and implementation best practices directly from those building some of...
Ewan Fairweather, Silvano Coriani

Windows Azure SQL Database Design: Silver Lining and Dark Side
Data modelers and designers need to understand the technical differences in designing for Windows...
Karen Lopez

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Be a Successful DBA in the World of Cloud and On-Premise Data
In the world of hybrid IT, with data residing on-premise and in the cloud, DBAs play an important...
Grant Fritchey

Data Internals
Often as DBAs, we learn backwards. You get a DBA job, and you have databases that have tables,...
Bradley Ball

Data Internals
Often as DBAs, we learn backwards. You get a DBA job, and you have databases that have tables,...
Bradley Ball

Discover, Document, and Diagnose Your Servers on Your Coffee Break
Documentation is the bane of every DBA's existence. We know we should do it, but it's...
Kendal Van Dyke

How Active Directory Affects SQL Server
If you’ve ever had a Kerberos or SSPI context error, you won't want to miss this session. SQL...
Ryan Adams

Periodic Table of DMVs: Part 2012: The SQL
SQL Server 2012 exposes a host of new dynamic management objects. Attend this 24 Hours of PASS...
Tim Ford

Scaling SQL Server 2012
SQL Server implementations can rapidly evolve and become more complex, forcing DBAs and developers...
Glenn Berry

Storage and Virtualization for DBAs
One of the biggest issues in database performance centers around storage. It’s also one of the...
Denny Cherry

The Cluster Conundrum
Clustered SQL Server installations are everywhere, yet there is a general lack of understanding...
Allan Hirt