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Microsoft Breakfast Seminar

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
6:45am - 8:15am
Room 608

(please visit vendor booth for more information and invitation)

Exploring Microsoft Cloud Computing with SQL Azure - the Experts’ Perspective

Join members of the SQL Azure Product Group and PASS early adopters of SQL Azure for an open forum to discuss ideas, raise questions, and provide feedback on where SQL Azure is today, and where it’s heading.

Additionally, two Systems Integrators who will showcase some of their Azure applications and offer their perspective on some of the business opportunities with Microsoft’s public cloud offering.

Featured Participants:
Tom Marek, General Manager, Neudesic LLC
Jerry Kaczmarowski, General Manager, Slalom Consulting

VMware Breakfast Seminar

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
6:45am - 8:15am
Room 609

(please visit vendor booth for more information and invitation)

Virtualizing SQL Server - Benefits and Best Practices

Join expert members of the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter along with specialists from VMware to learn how virtualization brings the benefits of the cloud to existing SQL Server workloads in the datacenter.

Topics of discussion:

  • Why virtualize SQL Server?
  • What are the best practices for virtualizing SQL Server?
  • How does virtualization create a private cloud for SQL in the datacenter?

Featured Panelists:
Brent Ozar
: SQL MCM, MVP,  Consultant at SQL Skills
Denny Cherry: SQL MVP, Sr. DBA and Architect at Awareness Technologies.
Todd Muirhead: Performance Engineering at VMware
Wanda He: Technical Solutions Architect, Microsoft Applications at VMware

Quest Software Breakfast Seminar

Thursday, November 11, 2010
6:45am - 8:15am
Room 606/607

(please visit vendor booth for more information and invitation)

Cutting through the Fog: Debunking the Myths around Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the hot topic at the moment. Everybody has a cloud – Oracle, Yahoo, Google and now Microsoft. However, with the cloud comes challenges – where is the data stored; how does it get there; is it safe; can I store a lot of it? These are just some of the questions that people are asking about the cloud today.Join Quest Software and SQL Server panel of experts Kevin Kline, Scott Klein, Geoff Snowman, Buck Woody and Jeremiah Peschka for a breakfast event where we will explore some of these challenges and discuss the cloud objectively. This session will include discussions around:

  • What is the cloud?
  • What is SQL Azure?
  • Azure Table Services
  • Why move to Azure?
  • Hybrid scenarios – storing data locally and in the cloud
  • Concerns about the cloud – Security, backups, longevity of data

Featured Panelists:
Kevin Kline, SQL Server MVP, Quest Software
Jeremiah Peschka, SQL Server MVP, Quest Software
Scott Klein, SQL Server MVP, Blue Syntax
Geoff Snowman, Solid Quality Mentors
Buck Woody, Microsoft   


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