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Spotlight Sessions: PASS European Conference 2010

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Inside SQL Server Wait Types

Bob Ward (Microsoft CSS)

Session Details

Have you ever encountered a wait type with SQL Server but can’t find any information on what it means? Perhaps you have thought the meaning of these is hidden away somewhere in a dark closet? In this talk, we will explore the internals of wait types within the SQL Server Engine. Rather than cover some of the more common wait types such as lock and latches, we will explore the more advanced and obscure wait types that may be surfaced by the engine. The ones you can’t find much information about.

In this  talk, we will  cover (but not limited to) the following topics:
·         Internal algorithms of wait types in the engine
·         Exploring some of the more advanced wait types in the engine
·         PREEMPTIVE wait types in SQL Server 2008
·         What are some of the wait types that you can safely ignore and why?
·         Learning to use Extended Events to debug wait types
·         How to interpret information about wait types in SQL Server DMVs and metadata

This talk is a very advanced “500” session that may include the use of advanced diagnostics such the Windows debugger and discussion of Windows APIs. I will assume the audience has a basic working knowledge of the SQL Server engine including an understanding of some of the more common SQL Server Engine DMVs such as sys.dm_exec_sessions, sys.dm_exec_requests and sys.dm_os_wait_stats.

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