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Immediate Business Impact with Power Pivot

Rob Collie
Full Day
Advanced Analytics
Have you ever seen an Excel workbook add tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line? We have, and we want you to experience similar gains. You may not have heard of Power Pivot, but it is a close cousin of Power BI. In fact, the two share the same “brain” under the hood – which means the industrial-strength agility of Power BI is already lurking in the copy of Excel already on your desktop, and in your colleagues’. Absolutely game-changing analytical powers are therefore already at your fingertips, AND in a form that your organization’s analysts will enthusiastically embrace. In this workshop, Rob Collie – co-author of the world’s #1-selling Power Pivot and Power BI books and founder of consulting firm PowerPivotPro – will introduce you to the capabilities of Power Pivot, and just as importantly, explain how it can quickly transform your organization’s relationship with data.