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Developer Dive into Azure Cosmos DB

Leonard Lobel
Full Day
Application Development
Database Developer, Developer
Are you ready to start building next-generation web and mobile applications? You’ll need a massively scalable database on the back end, and Azure Cosmos DB delivers. So, join Lenni for a full day of developer-focused training on Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s globally distributed NoSQL database service. We’ll explore all the major aspects of Cosmos DB, starting with a quick overview, so you don’t need prior Cosmos DB experience (or any NoSQL experience) to jump on board. Learn how to provision throughput for predictable performance, and scale both storage and throughput with elastic containers and horizontal partitioning. Then, easily distribute your data globally, wherever your users are located. After locking down core concepts, we’ll examine the multi-model capabilities of Cosmos DB. Using the SQL, MongoDB, Table, Gremlin, and Cassandra APIs, you can model your data as JSON documents, key-value, graph, and columnar. We’ll migrate data from SQL Server, build applications using the .NET SDK, and use the SQL API to run SQL queries and write server-side stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions against a JSON document collection. We’ll also explore the Table API for a key-value data model, and the Gremlin API for modeling and querying complex graphs. By the end of the day, you’ll know how to provision throughput, partition, index, and globally distribute your Cosmos DB database. You’ll also know everything you need to start building Cosmos DB applications using the various APIs and supported data models. Attend this workshop and get up to speed on Cosmos DB today!