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Advanced R

Dejan Sarka
Full Day
Advanced Analytics
Analyst, BI/Analytics Practitioner, Data Scientist
This one-day seminar starts immediately with the most time-consuming part of a data science project: data manipulation and overview. The attendees will learn how to use basic R functions, some of the most popular packages, and Microsoft libraries for this task. Advanced visualizations can already be treated as an analysis method. However, besides creating nice and fancy graphs, you should know also a bit of mathematics when performing data science in real life. The attendees will learn background about statistics for the data overview and matrix calculation as the background for some undirected models. After the background, the seminar introduces those models, including Principal Component Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis, and different Clustering methods. Directed and / or predictive algorithms introduced include all kinds of Regression Analysis, Decision Trees and Forests, Neural Networks and Logistic Regression, and more. Like in the previous modules, the attendees will learn how to use some very popular open libraries and scalable implementations of the algorithms in Microsoft libraries. Finally, we will spend some time to introduce big data analysis and text mining. Modules: 1. Data overview and manipulation 2. Advanced visualizations 3. Matrix calculation in R 4. Undirected data science models 5. Predictive models 6. Big data analysis and text mining
In order to get the most of this seminar, the attendees should already have basic knowledge about R, and be familiar with at least some of the tools used in the seminar, including SQL Server management Studio, Visual Studio, and RStudio IDE.