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Performance-Centric T-SQL

Itzik Ben-Gan
Full Day
Database Administration and Development
DBA, Database Developer
This seminar covers advanced aspects of T-SQL querying and programming with a performance-centric focus. The seminar demonstrates practical uses of T-SQL features, with optimized and polished solutions, many of which were developed by the speaker. You will learn about features like the APPLY operator, window functions, the OFFSET-FETCH filter, and how to use them creatively to solve common T-SQL tasks elegantly and efficiently. You will learn about optimization thresholds and understand when the query optimizer tends to choose one algorithm versus another, and how new adaptive query processing capabilities enable SQL Server to make such choices dynamically during query execution. The seminar also covers other recent and future-planned additions to T-SQL like system-versioned temporal tables, string splitting and concatenation with the STRING_SPLIT and STRING_AGG functions, SQL Graph, and more.
At least one year of experience writing T-SQL code and optimizing queries (analyzing query execution plans).