Visual Data Storytelling: How to Tell a Compelling Story that Matters to Your Users [BI]

Mico Yuk
Full Day
Database Developer, Analyst, BI/Analytics Practitioner, Consultant, IT Manager/Director/Executive
** This Pre-Conference session is currently sold out ** With all the hype around big data, many organizations continue to struggle with creating ‘useful and intelligent’ analytics that deliver true impact to their business. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by using visual storyboards. Not only are they fun, but by implementing a formula for a four-part BI dashboard storyboard concept, you’ll learn how to focus 100% on business impact, while telling a ‘true’ story that will lead to more immediate action and informed decisions. Whether you are a beginner or a dashboard veteran, this workshop will take you from understanding the fundamentals of storyboarding to applying more advanced techniques to enhance user understanding. By working in teams with your peers, you will get an opportunity to apply these techniques directly to various dashboards. You will learn:
  • Why visual storytelling is more effective than traditional reporting in today’s data-rich world
  • The three most important elements 98% of dashboards are missing and how it is negatively affecting user adoption
  • How to create a simple, four-part visual storyboard on paper in minutes and not weeks
  • How to use smart context and visual cues to make visuals more intelligent and actionable
  • Learn your personal visual literacy score by taking a short quiz
  • Leave with steps on how to take your data visualization journey to the next level!