Build .NET Applications to Access Data Using Entity Framework [Dev]

Sidney Andrews
Full Day
Every application needs to access data in some manner. In .NET applications, Entity Framework is the intersection between database and developer tools. Today Entity Framework is used in tens of millions of .NET applications and is only growing in usage with Entity Framework Core. While Entity Framework provides great benefits out-of-the-box, mastering the framework can be critical to developing advanced enterprise applications that take advantage of many of the more powerful features available in your relational database. In this pre-conference workshop, we will spend an entire day immersed in both Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core. We will look at best practices, tips, tricks and examples that will help you implement Entity Framework in your organization in the most useful, performant and empowering manner possible. We will introduce Entity Framework and how it is used today in .NET applications. Scenarios covered include:
  • Code-First Models
  • DbContext
  • Modifying a Database using Migrations
  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Entity Change Tracking, Local Data and State
We will also look at Entity Framework Core and how it compares to Entity Framework. Scenarios covered include:
  • Alternate Keys
  • Mixed Client/Server Evaluation
  • Entity Framework from the CLI
  • InMemory Testing Provider
We will finish off the workshop with a look at Entity Framework and how both versions can be used today to build web applications, REST APIs, OData API endpoints and other solutions as part of a full-stack application. Scenarios covered include:
  • Using Entity Framework in MVC/Web API Controllers
  • Dependency Injection and Entity Framework
  • Mocking an Entity Framework Context
  • Implementing Swagger Documentation and UI