Loading and Transforming Data in Power BI and Power Query [BI]

Chris Webb
Full Day
Analyst, BI/Analytics Practitioner
Anyone who is serious about building BI and reporting solutions using Power BI or Excel needs to know how to load and transform data. This pre-con will focus on the “Get Data” functionality in Power BI that is also shared by Power Query and Excel 2016’s “Get & Transform” feature. You will learn how to use it to connect to multiple data sources and how to shape your data appropriately for Power BI/Power Pivot. Topics covered include:
  • The basic concepts of loading data in the Query Editor: queries and steps
  • A guided tour of the data sources that you can connect to
  • Transforming data using the Query Editor user interface
  • Working with multiple queries: duplicating, referencing, merging and appending
  • Introduction to the M language for writing expressions and queries
  • Creating and using parameters
  • Creating functions from parameterized queries and by writing M code, and using them to apply the same business logic to multiple data sources
  • Understanding data privacy levels and making sure queries can be refreshed in the On-Premises Gateway
  • Calling web services in M code
  • Creating custom data connectors in M