Advanced SQL Server Availability and Storage Solutions [DBA]

Allan Hirt
Full Day
** This Pre-Conference session is currently sold out ** The options for achieving and increasing the reliability of SQL Server databases and instances as well as storing the associated data have changed in the past few years. Not only are the features and combinations for deploying SQL Server instances and databases greater than in the past, but as we move to a software defined world, achieving availability and performance is both easier and more difficult at the same time. This full day pre-conference session will cover the latest SQL Server availability and storage solutions including how to plan, deploy, and administer them. Topics covered will include:
  • Distributed Availability Groups
  • Domain Independent Availability Groups
  • In-place WSFC upgrades
  • Scale Out File Server
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Replica
  • SQL Server 2017 on Linux and its availability story
  • SQL Server features versus hardware and other things in the operating system or hypervisor
  • Tips, tricks, and gotchas for on premises virtualization, and public cloud deployments
In addition to the instructional content, each student will gain hands on experience via lab scenarios using their own laptop connected to Web-based virtual machines where learning translates into action to bring a solution to life. Whether you are looking to update your availability arsenal or catch up on what is new for availability and storage for SQL Server, this pre-conference will put you ahead of the curve to be able to take advantage of what features are offered today and what is coming tomorrow.