Modern Web API Design

Speaker(s)Jeremy Likness

Duration: Full Day

Track: Design

The Web API Design workshop explores how developers and database architects can surface practical interfaces to applications and data in the modern cloud-based world of microservices. Best practices for APIs have evolved from “remote procedure call” (RPC) formats and XML over Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), to modern REST, OData, and graph-based APIs with JSON payloads. 

This workshop starts with a review of popular open source APIs and addresses the difference between procedure-based, event-based, and data-based approaches. Understand approaches to API security including the popular JavaScript Web Token (JWT) standard, learn how to handle authorization for authenticated users, review common patterns for validating data and handling errors, and proactively tackle common enterprise challenges such as versioning endpoints. 

See hands-on how APIs are built, implemented, and deployed leveraging modern tools like Visual Studio and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Learn how to use Swagger to document API endpoints, how to manage legacy APIs using Azure API Management, and how to gain insights into the usage and health of endpoints. 

Finally, leverage the power of building a client SDK to empower end users to quickly and easily connect to APIs with examples in .NET and Node.js.