Your Backup and Recovery Strategy

Speaker(s)Steve Stedman

Duration: 75 minutes

Track: Support

As a DBA you are tasked with running regular backups. How do you know if you backups are working? How do you know if they are not? Do you have the right recovery strategy? Learn why your recovery strategy should be the goal, not a backup strategy. This session will cover Recovery Point Objectives, and Recovery Time Objectives, along with different backup types that apply to specific objectives, including full backups, differential, log and copy only backups. Learn which backup type is right for your needs? Learn what SQL Server 2017 introduces to help with your regular backups. Find out about backup encryption and compression. Find out how to create your restore script when the backup is run, rather than at a groggy 4:00am when the restore is needed. You will leave this session equipped to do backups, and more importantly restores, with confidence.