Code Like a Pirate ... Intro to R and Data Science Tools in MS [BID-203]

Jamey Johnston
75 minutes
BI Information Delivery
Data Scientist
R is the most popular statistics language used today. It is one of the most useful tools in the data scientist's tool belt. It is also integrated into the MS stack in tools like Azure ML, SQL Server and Power BI and can be used to take your data analytics to the next level. Come to this session to get an introduction to the R language including: - installing and Configuring R and RStudio - RStudio Overview and Debugging - how to Access and Manipulate Data - install and Manage Packages - create and Use Variables - control Flows - functions - basic Graphing and Statistical Analysis. We will finish with a brief introductions of how R integrates in Azure ML, Power BI, and SQL Server 2016 using real demos. The focus of the session will be primarily on the introduction to the R language and getting attendees comfortable with using R to start the journey into Data Science!