Excel Tips & Tricks for Displaying an Analysis Service Database [BID-204]

Thomas LeBlanc
75 minutes
BI Information Delivery
New features have been added to the last couple of Excel releases in order to bring the most used desktop reporting application to a full-featured Business Intelligence reporting tool for Multidimensional Cubes and Tabular Models. This session will be filled with demonstration of all these new features with slides only as references to more detailed explanations and uses. Pivot Tables will be the main focus of this 75-minute session with visual tools that enhance graphs and dashboards. You will leave this session with your brain firing on all cylinders to create cool dashboards with color enhanced backgrounds to signal to users where they should focus their efforts. The new Timeline object makes you breathe a sigh of relief about report filtering by dates. Slicers will give you clues of what data is present. Indicators, data-driven formatting, and spark-lines focus attention on what is important to the viewed data set.
Basic Excel Database structures Understanding Measures versus Dimension Attrbutes