SQL Server Internals: The Practical Angle [DBA-397-P]

Speaker: Dmitri Korotkevitch

Duration: full day

Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

** Please note Pre-Conference sessions are available for an additional registration fee of $495 **

A deep understanding of SQL Server internals makes it much easier to design and maintain efficient SQL Server solutions. Unfortunately, database professionals who lack this knowledge often make design and implementation decisions that adversely affect their systems.

This pre-conference session helps to address these issues and shows you how SQL Server components work under the hood, work together and communicate with one another, and most importantly, affect your systems. 

The session is for database administrators (DBAs) and developers who want to design, develop, and maintain systems to get the most from SQL Server. The session can also help database pros who prefer to understand and fix the root cause of a problem rather than simply applying a bandage. The session is based on the book “Pro SQL Server Internals” (http://www.amazon.com/dp/1430259620), includes numerous demos, and discusses answers to the following questions:
- How does SQL Server store data and use indexes, and how can you efficiently design and maintain them?
- What is the internal implementation of the various database objects, and when should they be used or not be used?
- How do you troubleshoot and fix concurrency issues and design efficient transaction strategies?
- How does SQL Server execute queries, and how are the most common plan-caching-related issues addressed?
- How do you quickly identify and resolve issues and bottlenecks in systems?

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