Building an Effective Data Warehouse Architecture

SPEAKER: James Serra, BI/Data Warehouse, MDM Architect, Serra Consulting Services

You're a DBA, and your boss asks you to determine if a data warehouse would help the company. So many questions pop into your head: Why use a data warehouse? What's the best methodology to use when creating a data warehouse? Should I use a normalized or dimensional approach? What's the difference between the Kimball and Inmon methodologies? Does the new Tabular Model in SQL Server 2012 change things? What's the difference between a data warehouse and a data mart anyway? Is there any hardware I can purchase that is optimized for a data warehouse? What if I have a ton of data?

Join this 24 Hours of PASS session for the answers to these questions. You'll leave with information that will impress your boss and lead to a big raise - or at least lead you down the correct path to adding business value to your organization.



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