Session: Building Your T-SQL Tool Kit: Window Function Fundamentals

SPEAKERChristina Leo, Database Developer, Aphelion

Have you pulled a script to identify duplicates from a blog post but couldn't quite get it to work because you weren't sure what that ROW_NUMBER() function was doing? Maybe you heard talk about creating running totals without using subqueries, but you got frustrated when the groups weren't totaling correctly. Or perhaps you've never even heard of window functions?

All are good reasons to attend this all-demo 24 Hours of PASS session, which will demystify this versatile T-SQL tool. First, we'll break apart the OVER clause, the key to understanding how window functions work. Then we'll expand on each group of functions that can use the OVER clause: ranking, aggregate, and analytic functions. Finally, we'll look at real scenarios where this tool works and talk about performance considerations.

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