Exam Registration

Registrations are only valid for PASS Summit 2013 attendees. All exam attendees must wear their attendee badge and provide photo ID in order to check in for their chosen certification.

Click here to register for an MCP Exam

Registration Instructions:

50% Discount Code for all MCP Exams: SQL50

Note: Discount will be available only at PASS Summit, October 14-18, 2013

  1. Select “Schedule an Exam
  2. Select Country United States,” select State/Province “North Carolina” and then click “Next
  3. Scroll for “Microsoft” then select from the resulting Program choices; for the MCP Exam, for example, select:  “Microsoft  (070, 071, 074…)”  Click “Next.”
  4. Click “Next” on the screen displaying the Microsoft logo and information about the Certification program.
  5. Select the exam you would like to take and preferred language, and then click “Next.”
  6. Find location MC64
  7. Select “Seat Availability.”                  
  8. When the next page appears, you have the option of logging in if you have been to the site before or registering as a new user. If you are a new user, please enter a valid email address.        

    NoteAll information for the Microsoft Certification Program will be sent via e-mail. Without a valid email address, you will not receive access to the MCP Secure site or be able to order your Welcome Kit when you achieve your certification.
  9. Once you are logged in, select a date and time for your appointment.
  10. Under Payment Information in the box that states Promotion Code or Voucher, click "Yes". Next to Discount Type, select Promotion Code: SQL50
  11. Click "Validate." Note: If the promo code matches the location and the exam you have selected you will be automatically directed back to the Payment Information Page. If the promo code comes up as invalid, please validate you have selected the correct promo code, location and exam number.
  12. Please print the confirmation page for your records and note the date and time for your exam.

IMPORTANT: The standard registration fee will appear until you enter the appropriate promo code on the payment page. After you enter the promo code, your fees will adjust to reflect the discount.

If you encounter any other problems during registration, please contact Prometric at the appropriate contact center.