Expert Picks

Peak Performance at PASS Summit

By Ryan Adams
PASS Performance Virtual Chapter Leader

If you do a keyword search on “performance” from PASS Summit 2013’s Sessions page, you get a whopping 49 results. Where do you start making your selections? If you’re looking for expert performance training - from T-SQL tips, ETL optimization, and SSAS tuning to enhancing Power View performance and turbo-charging your virtualized SQL Servers - this list of top performance session picks from the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter can help you plan your week.

Check out the Summit schedule for many more performance sessions. And make sure you stop by the Performance VC table at the Welcome Reception and talk with our volunteers in the Community Zone about joining us for monthly free performance sessions delivered directly to your desk.

Monday, October 14
Tuesday, October 15
Wednesday, October 16
Thursday, October 17
Friday, October 18