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Spotlight session speakers have received high ratings and great reviews for previously delivered sessions at PASS Summit. These engaging and highly regarded speakers have been invited back by popular demand to present special 90-minute sessions. Check out PASS Summit 2012's 25 Spotlight Sessions.

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Application & Database Development
BI Information Delivery
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Professional Development

Application & Database Development

Database Design Throwdown (AD-322-S)
Are you opinionated? Are you usually right? Do you know why? Everyone agrees that if you want to...
Thomas LaRock, Karen Lopez

Improve Query Performance by Fixing Bad Parameter Sniffing (AD-210-S)
Parameter sniffing is a misunderstood issue on SQL Server. Most of the time, parameter sniffing is...
Grant Fritchey

Query Tuning Mastery: The Art and Science of Manhandling Parallelism (AD-501-S)
As a database developer, your job boils down to one word: performance. In today's multi-core-driven...
Adam Machanic

Stop Bad Data in Its OLTP Tracks (AD-209-S)
Incorrect, inaccurate, and misleading data can get into a database in a variety of ways. It causes...
Denise McInerney

Storing Columnstore Indexes (AD-321-S)
You've probably seen blog posts and demos about the wonderful speed improvements available with...
Kalen Delaney

T-SQL Tips and Tricks (AD-101-S)
This Spotlight session covers tips for using new T-SQL features in SQL Server 2012 as well as...
Itzik Ben-Gan

BI Information Delivery

Around the World with the SharePoint BI Toolbelt (BID-212-S)
What's the use of having business intelligence if you can’t make it actionable? In this session,...
Brian Knight

Exploring PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013 (BID-308-S)
PowerPivot is an add-in for Excel that empowers business users to create their own tabular data...
Peter Myers

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

10 Extraordinary Things to Achieve with Integration Services 2012 (BIA-322-S)
This session will explore 10 extraordinary SQL Server Integration Services 2012 concepts. These...
Peter Myers, Matthew Roche

Data Cleansing with SSIS 2012 (BIA-405-S)
In this special 90-minute session, you'll learn how to cleanse your data and apply simple to...
Brian Knight

Querying and Optimizing DAX  (BIA-321-S)
In SQL Server 2012, DAX became a query language, and when it comes to performance, the xVelocity...
Alberto Ferrari

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Big Data Meets SQL Server (DBA-410-S)
During my “Big Data” keynote at the 2011 PASS conference, I introduced the concept of an...
David DeWitt

Choose Your Own Adventure: Performance Tuning (DBA-408-S)
When researching a performance issue, have you ever stopped and wondered “Where do I start,” "What...
Thomas LaRock, Tim Chapman

DBCC Commands: The Quick and the Dangerous (DBA-210-S)
There are many DBCC statements at the disposal of database administrators and developers. Some are...
Erin Stellato

Demystifying Database Statistics (DBA-211-S)
Database statistics are not made up numbers, like the statistics you may hear on TV or read in a...
Erin Stellato

Diagnose T-SQL Performance Problems Fast with sp_Blitz (DBA-320-S)
You need to find out why the server is slow, but you're overwhelmed with work. You've used my easy...
Brent Ozar

Extended Events: Work Smarter Not Harder (DBA-321-S)
Of the many ways to monitor your SQL Server environment, Extended Events is one of the newer...
Jason Strate

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My SAN (DBA-213-S)
SANs and NASs have their challenges, but they also open up a whole new set of tools for disaster...
Wesley Brown

Maintain SQL Server System and Performance Data with PowerShell (DBA-319-S)
Maintaining a solid set of information about our servers and their performance is critical when...
Allen White

Managing SQL Server in a Virtual World (DBA-322-S)
Why are so many organizations implementing VMware, and what does it mean for SQL Server DBAs? In...
Kevin Kline

Performance Tuning Through the Plan Cache (DBA-409-S)
After execution, execution plans are stored in the plan cache. This metadata about how queries are...
Jason Strate

SQL Server First Responder Kit (DBA-212-S)
When your SQL Server is critically injured, you need a first responder kit to diagnose the problem...
Kendra Little

Professional Development

Building Your Professional Development Plan (PD-105-S)
Plan the work, and work the plan. Are you doing that when it comes to your professional...
Andy Warren

Leadership – Influence vs. Authority (PD-106-S)
Ever wanted to convince the boss to try something new, but didn't know where to start? Ever tried...
Kevin Kline

Learn About The Mentoring Experiment (PD-104-S)
We started The Mentoring Experiment to learn more about matching mentors to mentees. Could it be...
Andy Warren, Steve Jones

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