Own the complete set of PASS Summit 2012 session recordings and get access to top technical presentations, including half-day sessions and spotlights. These sessions are available for purchase now and will be delivered on one convenient USB flash drive. All Conference Session and Pre-Conference Session USB flash drives will be mailed by December 15, 2012.

The session recordings on USB flash drive are available to Summit attendees for $195 (one per attendee), with the download option available for $175 (which includes a $20 processing fee).  Shipping charges apply for the USB flash drive ($20 within the continental US, $30 international). If you attended a Pre-Conference Sesssion at PASS Summit, you are eligible to purchase the session recordings, delivered on USB flash drive at a cost of $295 per track, or $495 for all 3 tracks. Note that Pre-Conference session recordings are only available to Pre-Conference session attendees. Buy yours today.

The Conference Session recordings are also available for free streaming to all PASS Summit 2012 attendees. To access the streamed sessions, log into the PASS Summit 2012 Schedule Builder, and click the Session Recording link next to the session you're interested in watching.

Non-attendees are able to purchase the session recordings on USB flash drive for $395.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PASS Summit presentations are the property of PASS and its presenters. Replication of any form of the drive, content, or presentations contained within is strictly prohibited.

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