Chat Talks

Ever wanted to meet the Microsoft developers who built SQL Server 2012? Attendees were able to do just that, thanks to the new “I Made That!” Developer Chalk Talks, 30-minute conversations with Microsoft developers, who spoke about the functionalities and features they actually wrote. The Developer Chalk Talks schedule was posted out the room, which featured comfy sofas, a whiteboard, and snacks. 

Chalk Talks Hours - Room 4C-4

Wednesday, November 7


Jaime Tarquino - SDET II
James Wu -  Senior Development Lead

Disaster Recovery and HA options in
SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 in SharePoint mode

11:30am  Kevin Farlee - Senior Program Manager                                                              Always On; Backup on Secondary
12:30pm Dave Wickert - Principal Group Program Manager                                                          HOW-TO: On-demand refresh of IT-sponsored PowerPivot workbooks
13:30pm Gert Drapers - Principal Group Manager                                                                            SQL Server 2012 LocalDB Your New Friend
14:30pm Marina Polishchuk - Senior SDET                                               Hekaton (In-Memory)
15:30pm        Gert Drapers - Principal Group Program Manager                                                                             

Declarative Database Deployment,
Tell me what you want, Not how you want to get there!


Thursday, November 8


Gert Drapers - Principal Group Program Manager

Need a WiX for your Database
11:30am Matt Mason - Senior Program Manager
Wee Hyong Tok - Senior Program Manager
SSIS Server in SQL 2012
12:30pm Eric Hanson - Principal Program Manager Columnstore
13:30pm Sunil Agarwal - Principal Program Manager Hekaton (In-Memory) 
14:30pm Patrick Sirr - Principal Development Lead
Mike Kaufman - Senior SDE
Need a WiX for your Database
15:30pm   Howie Dickerman - Senior Program Manager                   DAX

Friday, November 9

9:30am Gadi Peleg - Senior Program Manager
Welly Lee - Senior Program Manager
10:30am  Ed Katibah - Principal Program Manager Spatial
11:30am Pravin Mittal - Principal Test Lead Hekaton (In Memory OLTP) 
12:30pm Tobias Ternstrom - Senior Program Manager Lead Sequence Generators
13:30pm Evgeny Krivosheev - Program Manager II SQL in a VM

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