PASS Summit 2012 Highlights

PASS TV made its debut at PASS Summit 2012 where, over the course of the conference, PASS live streamed three 12-hour days of technical sessions along with candid community interviews.

PASS TV will re- broadcast some key highlights the week of Nov 11 - 16.

Summit Day 1 Stream: Content Order

  Welcome to PASS Summit
  Keynote Session: Bill Graziano and Ted Kummert
  Community Content
  Mobile Business Intelligence (Jen Underwood and John Sirmon) (BID-302-M)
  Community Content: International Panel Discussion
  The Evolution of Security in SQL Server 2012 (Don Kiely) (DBA-501)
  Community Content
  Real-Life SQL 2012 Availabitiy Group Lessons Learned (Brent Ozar) (DBA-1001)
  Professional Development Session (Kevin Kline)
   SQL Sever and SharePoint: Best Frienemies (Lisa Gardner) (AD-310-C)
  Community Content


Summit Day 2 Stream: Content Order

  Community Content
  Keynote Session: Douglas McDowell, Thomas LaRock and Quentin Clar
  Community Content
  Query Tuning Mastery: The Art and Science of Manhandling Parallelism (Adam Machanic)(AD-501-S)
  Community Content
  Women in Technology Panel Discussion
  What to Look for in Execution Plans (Grant Fritchey) (AD-201)
  Community Content
  Dive Into the Query Optimizer: Undocumented Insight (Benjamin Nevarez)(AD-401)
  Professional Development Session (Chris Shaw)
   A developer's Guide to Dangerous Queries (Jeremiah Peshka) (AD-203)
  Community Content


Summit Day 3 Stream: Content Order

  Community Content
  Working with Claims and SQL Server BI Technologies (Adam Saxton) (BIA-401-C)
  Community Content
  Big Data Meets SQL Server (Dr. David DeWitt) (DBA-410-S)

Community Content: Professional Development Session (Buck Woody)

  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My SAN (Wesley Brown) (DBA-213-S)
  Community Content
  Where Should I Be Encrypting My Data? (Denny Cherry) (AD-303)
  Community Content
  You Can Do That with T-SQL? (Tim Ford) (DBA-318)
  Community Content: Farewell to PASS Summit 2012


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