PASS Summit 2012 Lightning Talks

You voted, and the results are in! Congratulations to the 18 speakers whose Lightning Talks were selected by community vote for this year’s PASS Summit. And thanks to everyone who submitted a talk and to those who took the time to support their favorite topics.

The 10-minute talks will be presented across three 75-minute Lightning Talk sessions – watch for the schedule later in September!

Here is your 2012 Lightning Talks lineup:

Application & Database Development

3.0: Not Your Granddaddy’s PowerShell (LT-101)
PowerShell 3.0 finally has an editor with autocomplete and syntax checking, but is that all? Heck...
Aaron Nelson

How Bad Is Read-Only Access? (LT-100)
The debate over whether read-only access to production systems should be granted is not likely to...
Robert Davis

Regular Expressions in SSMS in 10 Minutes or Less (LT-100)
This Lightning Talk will cover regular expressions in SQL Server Management Studio and demonstrate...
Rob Volk

TRY CATCH in a Nutshell (LT-102)
Join me for these can't-miss tips on using the improved TRY CATCH feature in SQL Server 2012.
Julie Koesmarno

Utility Database: Quick and Dirty Website to Monitor Performance (LT-102)
So you have a utility database, and you want a web interface to monitor performance across all your...
Gabriel Villa

BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

Become Less Fuzzy About Fuzzy Transformations! (LT-100)
Come get a clear understanding about using the fuzzy-lookup transformation in SSIS. See real-world...
Amy Lewis

Is It an Alligator? Is It a Crocodile? No, It’s a Gecko! (LT-102)
This session aims to find the Holy Grail: How to promote business agility through self-service BI,...
Christian Wade

SSRS, Kerberos, and SharePoint (LT-101)
Double-hop scenarios are always a pain. There are so many bits and pieces to keep in mind in...
Oliver Engels

Understanding the SSIS 2012 Deployment Model (LT-101)
The SSIS package deployment model in SQL Server 2012 introduces a new option for deploying packages...
Bill Fellows

Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Bob Dylan Explains TempDB (LT-100)
How many files must a TempDB have before it's allowed to be fast? How many table variables must a...
Brent Ozar

Effective Error Log Parsing (LT-102)
Valuable information is logged into the SQL Server error logs, and rapid interrogation of the error...
Neil Hambly

Lights! Camera! Piecemeal Restore!  (LT-101)
Come get wow'd as you see how to restore part of your database while letting users continue to work...
Jes Borland

SQL Server AlwaysOn for Dummies (LT-100)
Welcome to Microsoft's world of the buzzword. Yes, they've done it again and created an ambiguous...
Mark Broadbent

T-SQL Health Check to Excel in Email in 10 Minutes with PowerShell (LT-102)
You need an automated, flexible, and fast solution to run T-SQL Health scripts in several customer...
Laerte Junior

Why DBAs Like Service Broker (LT-101)
When DBAs look at a bunch of code by developers for the Service Broker component, they don't like...
Sanjaya Padhi

Professional Development

Becoming a Master  (LT-101)
Everyone wants to be a master. We watch movies about superheroes, enjoy sports where mastery is...
Niko Neugebauer

Lightning Talks - 100 (LT-100)
Amy Lewis - Become Less Fuzzy About Fuzzy Transformations! (BIA) Brent Ozar - Bob Dylan Explains...
Amy Lewis, Brent Ozar, Mark Broadbent, Rob Volk, Robert Davis, Wendy Pastrick

Lightning Talks - 101 (LT-101)
Aaron Nelson - 3.0: Not Your Granddaddy’s PowerShell (AppDev) Bill Fellows - Understanding the...
Aaron Nelson, Bill Fellows, Jes Borland, Niko Neugebauer, Oliver Engels, Sanjaya Padhi

Lightning Talks - 102 (LT-102)
Christian Wade - Is It an Alligator? Is It a Crocodile? No, It’s a Gecko! (BIA) Edwin Sarmiento -...
Christian Wade, Edwin Sarmiento, Gabriel Villa, Julie Koesmarno, Laerte Junior, Neil Hambly

Presentation WOW (LT-102)
So you open up PowerPoint, create your slides, and get ready to present. Sure, you know exactly how...
Edwin Sarmiento

Work-Life Balance: It's Not Just for WIT (LT-100)
This talk will highlight the many issues involved in work-life balance. Women with families and...
Wendy Pastrick