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Red Gate Software launches new tool for automated .NET deployments

CAMBRIDGE, UK, November 7, 2012 – Red Gate Software today launched Deployment Manager, a new tool that simplifies software releases.

Initially, the tool automates deployment – the process of moving software from one group of servers to another – for ASP.NET applications, including the databases they use.

These deployments previously relied on a series of custom scripts, which had to be hand-written by someone with detailed knowledge of how each server was configured.

By contrast, Deployment Manager only has to be set up once. Applications can then be deployed to multiple servers without further work.

Help at launch and during development
Web applications typically run on dozens of servers, so repeatable deployment makes it simpler to distribute updates. It also shortens the time needed to develop them.

In a typical development process, development, testing, and quality assurance take place on different servers, so applications must be deployed multiple times before they reach end-users. Deployment Manager helps with each of these deployments as well as the final release.

Justin Caldicott, the product manager behind Deployment Manager, said, “There are huge challenges in deploying software – it’s complicated and nerve-wracking.

“With Deployment Manager, Red Gate is making deployment ingeniously simple.”

James Moore, Vice-President at Red Gate, added, “We’re hugely excited to be bringing our trademark expertise in usability to application deployment.

“At the moment, it’s a complicated, risky process – exactly the sort of thing that Red Gate specializes in making simple and stress-free.”

Package-based deployment for applications and databases
Deployment Manager uses the open-source NuGet package format to deploy applications.

It gathers each component of a web application – website, database, and any other services – and delivers them to each server as a NuGet package, through a secure connection. Updates are then applied to each server in the correct order.

Users control the deployment process from a central web portal. The portal reports on the success or failure of deployments and shows which version of the application is running on each server.

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