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SQL Sentry Introduces Power Suite V7.2 at PASS Summit

SEATTLE, WA – November 7, 2012 – SQL Sentry, Inc., the developer of award-winning software for Microsoft SQL Server, introduced today at PASS Summit the v7.2 release candidate of their SQL Sentry Power Suite. The Power Suite continues its category dominance as the most complete monitoring solution with seamless history tracking and the lowest documented server overhead. The new features of v7.2 fall into three main categories: Query Plan Analysis, Windows Monitoring, and History/Alert Filtering. v7.2 includes two exciting new products: Performance Advisor for Windows and Event Manager for Windows. The release candidate was recently published, and can be downloaded from the SQL Sentry customer portal linked on

“Our product focus has always been to provide unsurpassed insight and awareness over the performance of your monitored SQL Servers and we have continued to enhance the functionality of our Power Suite. But for many years we've received requests for the ability to monitor any Windows Server computer, such as one running SharePoint, IIS, SSRS, or SSIS services, but no SQL Server or SSAS services. Performance Advisor for SQL Server has actually always had Windows Server monitoring built in – it's effectively the left-hand side of the dashboard – the problem was, you only got it if you also had SQL Server or SSAS installed on the machine,” said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO of SQL Sentry. “I'm happy to say that not only has this restriction been removed in the new Performance Advisor for Windows, but when combined with the new Event Manager for Windows you now have truly unprecedented capabilities for monitoring Windows Server performance.”

“Expanding our innovative monitoring onto Windows servers is such an exciting step,” said Kevin Kline, Director of Engineering Services and SQL Server MVP. “SQL Sentry has been writing great tools for the SQL Server market for years. Now, SQL Sentry is delivering some of the most innovative and empowering tools for other layers of the Microsoft stack. I’m looking forward to demonstrating and discussing v7.2 with all my friends at the PASS Community Summit.”

Power Suite v7.2 is packed with many ground-breaking features, all designed to simplify the process of optimizing SQL Server performance. Key features include:

•  Query Plan Analysis
•  Windows Server Monitoring
  − Service & Process-level Metrics
  − Processor Groups + NUMA Support
  − Windows Event Log Monitoring
•  History and Alert Filtering

About SQL Sentry®
SQL Sentry, Inc. delivers software products that optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server environments. SQL Sentry Performance Advisor® for SQL Server delivers an advanced performance dashboard with relevant Windows and SQL Server metrics in a single view along with detailed insight of query performance, heavy SQL, blocking, deadlocks, and disk bottlenecks. SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services provides unparalleled insight into Analysis Services performance, including bottlenecks related to memory, storage systems, aggregation usage, queries and processing. SQL Sentry Event Manager® is the ultimate scheduling, alerting and response system for managing SQL Server jobs, SharePoint jobs and other events that impact performance.

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