Community Experts Picks

These must-see session lists were put together for this year's Summit by these well-respected members of the SQL Server community: Steve Jones, Gail Shaw & Johan Åhlén

Steve Jones’ "Faster and Safer" PASS Summit Schedule

Wednesday, October 12

Five Physical Database Design Blunders and How to Avoid Them (AD-208-S)
Karen Lopez

The Ultimate Session on Indexing (AD-302-HD)
Victor Isakov

From the Ramparts: Knowing What to Look for in SQL Server Security  (DBA-204)
Brian Kelley

Thursday, October 13

Where should I be encrypting my data
Denny Cherry

Joins, SARGability and the Evils of Residualiciousness (AD-310-S)
Rob Farley

SQL Server Execution Plans – From Compilation To Caching To Reuse (AD-403-S)
Maciej Pilecki

Friday, October 14

Parameter Sniffing: the Query Optimizer vs. the Plan Cache (AD-303)
Benjamin Nevarez

Query Tuning Mastery: Zen and the Art of Workspace Memory
Adam Machanic

Gail Shaw's "Fab Four" PASS Summit Schedule

Wednesday, October 12

Inside Tempdb (DBA-500-HD)
Bob Ward

Thursday, October 13

More DBA Mythbusters (DBA-316-S)
Paul Randal

Friday, October 14

Isolated Disasters in VLDBs (DBA-315-S)
Kimberly Tripp

Query Tuning Mastery: Zen and the Art of Workspace Memory (AD-500-S)
Adam Machanic

Johan Åhlén's "So you Wanna be a BI Guru" PASS Summit Schedule

Thursday, October 13

SQLCAT: Tier-1 BI in world of Big Data (BIA-408-M)
Denny Lee and Thomas Kejser

SSIS vs T-SQL: Loading a Data Warehouse (BIA-312)
Mike Davis and Adam Jorgensen

Friday, October 14

Temporal Snapshot Fact Table (BIA-406-S)
Davide Mauri

SQLCAT: Configuring and Securing Complex BI Applications in a SharePoint 2010 Environment with SQL Server Code Name "Denali" (BIA-409-M)
Carl Rabeler and Chuck Heinzelman

Delivering KPIs with Analysis Services (BIA-308)
Peter Myers