About the Speaker

Scott Schommer
DBA, Quicken Loans

Doing proof of concept projects and pushing the limits of technology are the passions in my professional life. Many people do projects just because they are assigned to them, but I like to ask questions like "who, what, when, where, why, how and how often". Finding the answers to these simple inquiries saves not only me, but the people (and teams) around me time, money and resources.

I've applied this methodology time and time again on projects such as replacing Data Driven Subscriptions with stored procedures after upgrading from SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition to SQL 2005 Standard Edition, seeing if Change Data Tracking will work in a transaction log shipping environment, building Database projects in source control and deciding if we should redesign a schema to be normalized. If you asked me which of these projects worked and which ones didn't I'd have to give the standard DBA answer: "it depends".

When I'm not figuring out if a technology is cutting (or bleeding) edge I spend my free time attending the local PASS user group, doing quality time with my wife and 2 kids, learning about investing and landscaping my yard. It is said that the finest line that a man can walk is between success at work and success at home. I believe that I have found the balance between the 2!

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