Advanced Backup and Restore

Speaker: Pieter Vanhove

Duration: 60 minutes

A good backup and restore strategy is the most important thing that a DBA should be worried about each day.Most DBA's know the standard options for implementing a basic backup and restore plan. But there are also not so well known options that can help you with a more advanced recovery plan and that will increase the speed of your backups and restores.
This session is bulk loaded with demos and it will give you a good idea what infrequently features can be helpful in your environment, like:

	- Backup
		○ Partial backups
		○ Full File Backups
		○ Backup Encryption
		○ Backup striping and backup I/O buffers
	- Restore
		○ Restart an Interrupted Restore
		○ Files and Filegroups
		○ Online Restore
		○ Restore pages
		○ Piecemeal Restore
	- Backup and Restore System Databases