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Review the list of speakers already confirmed for PASS SQLRally Nordic 2013, and check back regularly for updates.

Keynote Speaker

Jim Karkanias, Microsoft, Director of SQL Server "NextGen" 

Jim Karkanias is a Microsoft executive, leading Program Management for Information Services in SQL Server. With over 28 years of industry experience, his background spans science (neuroscience), engineering (bioengineering, code development), technology (neural nets, machine learning, robotics, quantum physics), and business (including a start-up in the '90s, heading up clinical operations for the human health division at Merck, and more).

Now at Microsoft, Jim brings all his experience in creating innovative approaches to the complex problems generated by today’s business to the SQL Server group's Information Services division - an entire division dedicated to activating the business value trapped in your data and addressing the inherent problem that high volumes of rapidly changing and complex data represents.


Pre-Conference and Conference Speakers

Adam Machanic / Data Education

Adam Machanic is a Boston-based SQL Server developer, writer, and speaker. Focusing on large-scale data warehouse performance and development, he is author of the award-winning SQL Server monitoring stored procedure sp_WhoIsActive. Adam has written for numerous web sites and magazines, including SQLblog, Simple Talk, Search SQL Server, SQL Server Professional, CoDe, and VSJ. He has also contributed to several books on SQL Server, including SQL Server 2008 Internals (Microsoft Press, 2009) and Expert SQL Server 2005 Development (Apress, 2007). Adam regularly speaks at conferences and training events on a variety of SQL Server topics. He is a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and an alumnus of the INETA North American Speakers Bureau.

Brent Ozar / Brent Ozar Unlimited

Brent Ozar specializes in making SQL Server faster and more reliable. He is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and an MVP, and he has over a decade of experience. He coauthored Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting, and he loves sharing knowledge at

Davide Mauri / SolidQ

Davide Mauri is a SolidQ Mentor and a member of the Board of Directors of SolidQ Italia. Recognized as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2006, he specializes in SQL Server performance tuning and Business Intelligence, with a particular focus on high-performance data warehousing. In addition to having a deep knowledge of the entire SQL Server Platform, Davide works side-by-side with managers and decision makers to turn company data into valuable information. Applying Agile Methodology to BI, along with a unique engineering of the development process, allows him and the team he leads to deliver BI solutions on time and with measurable quality. As a speaker at many of the industry's most important international conferences, he shares with the community his experience in delivering BI solutions across a variety of markets, from small solutions to multi-terabyte data warehouses. Davide is also a book and tools author and works with the University of Milan to take BI to the next level.


Kalen Delaney / SQLearning

Kalen Delaney has been working with SQL Server for over 26 years and provides advanced SQL Server training to clients around the world. She has been a SQL Server MVP since 1993 and has been writing about SQL Server almost as long. Kalen has spoken at dozens of technical conferences, including every PASS conference in the US and multiple TechEd events in both the US and Europe. Kalen is the author or co-author of many books on SQL Server, the most recent being SQL Server 2012 Internals, from O’Reilly/Microsoft Press. She is one of the main editors for SQL Server Central’s "SQL Server Stairway" series, Her most recent major editing project was as editor of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2, a collection of articles by SQL Server experts from around the world, with all the royalties going to charity. Kalens' website with her current training schedule is at and she blogs at

Thomas Kejser / Livedrive

Thomas Kejser started his career as a teenage coder, but moved into the data management space in the '90s and never looked back. He has been modeling and tuning databases ever since and is passionate about perfecting his high-scalability design skills. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from DAIMI in Denmark and has industry experience across a diverse range of sectors, including telcos, software houses, healthcare, manufacturers, retailers, and investment banks. Building multi-terabyte-sized data warehouses, setting up OLTP systems for extreme scale, and tuning world-record data movement speed are some of Thomas’ recent achievements. If you need a bottleneck in your system removed, from code to hardware, then Thomas can help you. Sharing knowledge is important to Thomas, and when he is not coaching developers and DBAs, he publishes whitepapers for Microsoft and his musing on Thomas lives in London and spends his spare time discussing philosophy with friends over a good glass of whisky.


Alberto Ferrari / SQLBI

Alberto is a Business Intelligence consultant. His main interests are in two areas: methodological approach to the BI development lifecycle and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code.  His activities are related to designing and implementing solutions based on Integration Services and Analysis Services for the financial, manufacturing and statistical areas.  He is also a book author and a speaker in international conferences like PASS Summit, SQLRally and SQLBits.


Alexei Khalyako / Microsoft, Consultant

Alexei Khalyako has been with Microsoft for over 10 years. He begin working on the SQL Server team collecting globalization requirements for SQL Server 2005 from European countries. He has been a member of the SQLCAT European team for about 4 years. His focus is on helping implement large-scale data warehouses for such customers as well-known European telecommunication organizations, using architecture principles defined in the Fast Track Reference Architecture guide. He has published articles on different database topics and graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

David Peter Hansen / Hitachi Consulting

David Peter Hansen is a Senior Manager at Hitachi Consulting in London. He has worked with database development and administration for 12 years, and has worked with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform since SQL Server 2000. He specializes in developer coaching as well as scalable architecture and performance tuning on large-scale data warehouses and BI solutions. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, a board member of SQL Server User Group Denmark, and co-organized SQLSaturday #196.

Ewan Fairweather / Azure Data Platform

Ewan is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Advisory Team, part of the Azure Data Platform product group which produces technologies including; SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database .  Ewan focuses on the architecture and deployment of large-scale distributed Azure applications. Over the years, Ewan has specialized in the design and implementation of Enterprise Scale OLTP and Integration systems.  Ewan works closely with the engineering teams that are planning enhanced capabilities in future versions of the product. Ewan Fairweather has worked for Microsoft for seven years in a number of field and Redmond based roles. Ewan is a lead author on “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform,” co-authored “Professional BizTalk Server 2006,” and has written many whitepapers.  He holds a bachelor's degree in Computing with Management from the University of Leeds.  Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and regularly practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Roger Gracie Academy.

Gerhard Brueckl / PMONE

Gerhard has been operating with Microsoft BI tools since mid 2006 thereby mainly focusing on Microsoft SQL Server and its components. Gerhard has done a lot of BI projects with Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS) in the past and he is also familiar with other products of Microsoft’s BI stack such as Office SharePoint Server and of course Excel as the main BI frontend.


Henk van der Valk / Microsoft Western Europe

Henk is a TSP for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse at Microsoft covering Western-Europe and has been working on optimizing SQL Server based solutions for many years; he presented at several Pass events talking about his favorite topics: IT efficiency & performance optimizations.


Hugo Kornelis / PerFact BV,

Hugo is co-founder of perFact BV, a Dutch company that strives to improve analysis methods and to develop computer-aided tools that will generate completely functional applications from the analysis deliverable. The chosen platform for this development is SQL Server. In his spare time, Hugo likes to share and enhance his knowledge of SQL Server by frequenting newsgroups and forums, reading and writing books and blogs, and attending and speaking at conferences.

Jen Stirrup / Copper Blue Business Intelligence

Jen Stirrup, a SQL Server MVP, is best-known for her work in business intelligence and data visualization. She runs Copper Blue Consulting with Allan Mitchell, delivering business-critical solutions that add business value.    Jen has presented at TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, PASS Summit, and SQLBIts, as well as at SQLSaturday events in Europe. She won PASS's prestigious Passion Award, presented at Summit 2012, for her work in supporting the SQL Server community, especially in Europe.


John Martin / HTEC Ltd.

John is a SQL Server BI Developer with six years of SQL Server experience working as an Operational DBA all the way through to database & BI development experience. Working with a wide range of systems from lots of small databases to multi-terabyte systems. Placing data at the centre of any solution delivery, ensuring both the integrity and security to ensure that end users can be confident in the numbers used for making decisions. John is currently working on a large scale SQL Server 2012.

Kevin Kline / SQL Sentry

Kevin Kline is a well-known database expert serving as director of Engineering Services at SQL Sentry, a leading vendor of database and business intelligence tools. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2003, he is a founder and former president of PASS. Kevin has authored many books, including the best-selling "SQL in a Nutshell," and contributes monthly columns to SQL Server Pro and DBTA magazines. He tweets at @kekline and blogs at



Klaus Aschenbrenner / SQL Passion

Klaus Aschenbrenner provides independent SQL Server consulting services across the US and Europe, focusing on the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2005/2008. In 2004 and 2005, he received the Microsoft MVP award for his support of the .NET community. Klaus has also written a book, “Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker,” published by Apress in 2008.

Marcel Franke / PMONE

Marcel is a Data Warehouse consultant based in Germany (Europe) with around 10 years of experiences in building and designing Data Warehouse & Big Data solutions based on the Microsoft platform. Marcel is part of an advisory team supporting the largest Data Warehouse installations on SQL Server in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). His special focus is Data Warehouse Architecture, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Prediction & Data Science, Cloud, SSIS, Scale-out and Performance Tuning.

Marco Russo / SQLBI

Marco Russo is a business intelligence consultant and trainer. He has extensive experience with BI solutions in many different areas and has been working with Analysis Services since 1999. Marco wrote: The many-to-many revolution; whitepaper and the books Microsoft Excel 2013: Building Data Models with PowerPivot; Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model, Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, and LINQ Programming.

Margarita Naumova / SQL Master Academy

Margarita is a SQL Server Architect and Consultant, speaker and trainer, Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server 2008, SQL Server MVP, Founder of SQL Master Academy, founder and the leader of the Bulgarian SQL User group, Magi Naumova is well known expert in the field, having more than 15 years of SQL Server experience. Her unique SQL Master Academy training program has helped hundreds of specialists to feel knowledgeable in their daily work or to find an inspirational career path in the world of SQL Server.

Mikael Wedham /  SQL Server MCM & MCT Consultant

Mikael Wedham is a SQL Server MCM and MCT. He has worked as a developer and database administrator since 1993. Mikael also a certified Emergency First Response and Open Water Specialty Instructor. During his spare time, Mikael is crew on a rescueboat for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.


Regis Baccaro / BI Consultant & SharePoint Specialist

Regis is a Business Intelligence and SharePoint specialist since 2003. His background and work experience mixes technology and business, providing  a unique edge to contribute to BI projects and developing, being able to effectively interact with technical and business decision makers. Regis has a wide experience as speaker at different IT conferences and contributor to books and whitepapers.

Richard Douglas / DELL Software

Richard Douglas is a systems consultant at Dell (formerly Quest Software), where he specializes in the SQL Server product range. He has worked with SQL Server since version 7.0 in various developer and DBA roles and holds a number of Microsoft certifications. Richard is a keen member of the SQL Server community, running a PASS Chapter in the UK and serving on the organizing committee for SQLRelay.


Scott Klein / Microsoft

Scott Klein is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist focusing on SQL Server and Windows Azure data services. His entire career has been built around SQL Server. Before joining Microsoft, he was a SQL Server MVP for several years and followed that up by being one of the first four SQL Azure MVPs.    Scott is the author of over a half-dozen books by WROX and Apress, including the recently released "Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure." He can be found talking about Microsoft’s cloud-ready data services or on-premise SQL Server at events around the world, including TechEd, TechDays, SQL Connections, PASS Summit, and wherever else he can get people to listen to him.

Stephen Archbold / Prodata Business Systems

Stephen is a SQL Consultant at Prodata Business Systems, with over 6 years experience working in SQL Server as a Production DBA. He has a focus on Performance Tuning and Consolidation to get the most from your investment in SQL Server.


Tim Peterson / SolidQ, Analysis Services & MDX

Tim Peterson is a mentor with SolidQ, specializing in Analysis Services and MDX. He is the author of SolidQ's two MDX courses for SSAS 2012: "MDX for Creating Business Logic" and "Advanced MDX - Performance, Optimization, and the MDX Script." He focuses on developing Business Intelligence solutions and troubleshooting Analysis Services performance problems. Tim has written two books in the field of Microsoft BI and is one of the authors of the Analysis Services Maestro course.


Tobias Ternstrom / Microsoft Corporation

Tobias has been an avid customer of SQL Server since the mid-90s starting out with SQL Server 6. He fell in love with the product and grew into a passionate developer, instructor and architect over the next decade or so. A few years back Tobias joined the program management discipline of the SQL Server Engine. He is currently a Lead Program Manager managing a team of program managers who own the engine-side of the SQL Server & Azure development experience. His areas include T-SQL language, type system, libraries as well as the data-tier application model.

Tobiasz Koprowski / Global IT Community Association

Professional data: Community leader focused on SQL Server, SharePoint, security, collaboration, and ITIL, DR, BCM and SLA. Love licensing stuff. MCT, Freelancer, consultant. Conducts audit projects, consulting and implementation in Poland and across Europe. Technical Team Leader in GITCA. Member of such Microsoft Terminology Community, Friends of RedGate PLUS, PASS, ISSA, ACM and several communities in the world. MVP for SQL Server. Former President of the Polish SQL Server USer Group. Creator of SQLDAY Conference.

Turgay Sahtiyan / Microsoft

Turgay Sahtiyan has been working in IT industry over a decade and he currently works as a Senior SQL Server Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. He is based in Turkey and primarily giving proactive services to top enterprise customers in the MEA region. His main areas are Performance Tuning, HA&DR solutions, database administration and SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse. Before joined to Microsoft, he was one of the SQL Server MVP in Turkey, in addition he is founder and former president.


Uwe Ricken / DB Berater GmbH

Professional data: Professional experiences  • software and database development with Visual Basic, VBA, .NET  MS-Access, Oracle, DB/2, Microsoft SQL-Server  • Author of different publications for computer sciences  (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows)  • software trainer for over 12 years  • Speaker at different events for Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server technologies MCM SQL Server 2008 (05/2013) MVP SQL Server.



Vesa Tikkanen / Solteq PLC

Vesa is agile oriented architect from Finland. He is Microsoft Certified Master and focuses his time on performance side of SQL and he has a personal passion towards tabular model BI development. Vesa has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 2000 and counts himself as DBA because he has seen corruption. :) Vesa Blogs at



Victor Isakov / SQL Server Solutions

Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) is a Database Architect and trainer who provides consulting and training services to various organizations in the public, private, and NGO sectors globally. He regularly speaks at international conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, SQL Connections, PASS Summit, and SQL Code Camp. Victor has written a number of books on SQL Server and worked with Microsoft to develop the SQL Server exams and certification.


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