PASS SQLRally Nordic 2013 Session Presentations/ Video Recordings


Video recordings and powerpoint slides from PASS SQLRally Nordic 2013 are available here:

Enjoy and keep learning!

*Session presentations will be available soon.

BI Track           PowerPoint Slides                 
Gerhard Brueckl Microsoft Power BI 101
Alberto Ferrari Optimizing DAX Queries
Marcel Franke Create a Data Science Lab with Microsoft and Open Source Tools
David Peter Hansen 10 Tips and Tricks for Better SSIS Performance
Alexei Khalyako Data Warehouse in the Cloud – Marketing or Reality?
Davide Mauri *Automating DWH Patterns through Metadata
Tim Peterson Use the Power of Analytical Hierarchies in Your Cubes
Marco Russo Optimizing Data Models in Tabular & PowerPivot
Jen Stirrup *Analysing Data Power View
Henk van der Valk *SQL Server 2012 PDW (V2) Insights
DEV Track  PowerPoint Slides
Ewan Fairweather Azure SQL DB Premium Offering – Deep Dive and Mythbuster
Victor Isakov *Hekaton for the Developer
Hugo Kornelis Powerful T-SQL Improvements that Reduce Query Complexity
Adam Machanic  *Data: Faster SQL Server Performance Techniques with SQLCLR
Adam Machanic & Thomas Kejser *Using Your Brain to Beat SQL Server
John Martin Compliance & the Data Professional
Margarita Naumova Does the Optimistic Concurrency Resolve Your Blocking Problems? 
Brent Ozar *How the SQL Server Engine Thinks 
Uwe Ricken *INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE - internals
Tobias Ternstrom Cloud Optimizing Your Database App 
Vesa Tikkanen Data-Tools: Important Part of Modern Software Design 
DBA Track PowerPoint Slides
Stephen Archbold Getting the Most from Your SAN - File and Filegroup Layout
Klaus Aschenbrenner Index Impact Workload Analysis 
Regis Baccaro Sharepoint for the DBA
Mark Broadbent *Lock, Block, and Two Smoking Barrels (SQL Server Concurrency)
Kalen Delaney Hekaton for the DBA: A Whole New World
Richard Douglas The Day After Tomorrow: Why You Need to Baseline
Scott Klein *Kung-Fu Migration to Windows Azure SQL Database
Kevin Kline *SQL Server Internals and Architecture
Tobiasz Koprowski High Availability of SQL Server in the Context of SLA
Turgay Sahtiyan & Umit Sunar Architecting SQL Server HA and DR Solutions on Windows Azure
Mikael Wedham The Log, the Whole Log, and Nothing But the Log
Breakout Sessions PowerPoint Slides
Mark Souza Making Business Decisions in Real-Time










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