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Come learn from some of the world's most renowned SQL Server experts in 35+ sessions across three tracks.

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BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration

Predictive Analytics with SQL Server Data Mining and R
Rafal Lukawiecki
10 Tips and Tricks for Better SSIS Performance (Level 300)
David Peter Hansen
Advanced Analytics in Excel 2013
(Level 300)
Dejan Sarka
Analyzing Data with Power View
(Level 100)
Jen Stirrup
Automating DWH Patterns Through
Metadatan (Level 300)
Davide Mauri
Big Data (Level 300)
Marcel Westra
Business Intelligence Authentication
Jungle (Level 300)
Alessandro Recino
Choosing Between Tabular and Multidimensional (Level 300)
Hans Geurtsen
Clustered Columnstore - Deep Dive
(Level 400)
Niko Neugebauer
Data Mining: The Art of Unknown Business Intelligence (Level 300)
Paul te Braak
Hadoop (Level 300)
Henk van der Valk & Jan Pieter Posthuma
Inside xVelocity Engine (Level 400)
Alberto Ferrari
M vs. P vs. R (Level 300) Oliver Engels & Julian Breunung
Master Data Services Best Practices
(Level 300)
Steve Simon
Optimizing Data Models in Tabular and PowerPivot (Level 400) Alberto Ferrari























Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment

Index Impact Workload Analysis
(Level 300)
Klaus Aschenbrenner
Flash vs. Disk vs. SSD
(Level 300)
Denny Cherry
Load Testing with SQL Server
Tools (Level 300)
Neil Hambly
Microsoft SQL Server In-Memory
OLTP Deep Dive (Level 400)
Scott Klein
Reading Query Plans (Level 300)
Menzo Steinhorst
SQL as a Service (in the Private Cloud)
(Level 300)
Marcel Fernee
“SQL Attack(ed)” – SQL Server
Under Attack (Level 300)
Andreas Wolter
SQL Server AlwaysOn Readable
Secondaries (Level 300)
Jacky van Hogen
The Day After Tomorrow:
Why You Need to Baseline (Level 200)
Richard Douglas
Why Is SQL Server Slow Right Now?
(Level 300)
Brent Ozar















Database and Application Development

Estimation and Statistics: The
Basis of Query Optimization
(Level 400)
Dave Ballantyne
Data, Faster: SQL Server
Performance Techniques with
SQLCLR (Level 500)
Adam Machanic
FILETABLEs: What They Are and
How to Use Them (Level 300)
Matija Lah
FILLFACTOR - Pros and Cons
(Level 300)
Uwe Ricken
Fix Your EAV Data Model with a New EAV Design (Level 300)
Peter Larsson
How the SQL Server Engine Thinks           
(Level 100)
Brent Ozar
How to Call the Windows Azure                
REST API from CLR (Level 400)
Francesco Cogno
Rewrite Queries with SQL Server 2012    
(Level 300)
Emanuele Zanchettin
SQL Anti-Patterns (Level 300)
Kennie Pontoppidan
SQL Server and XML Query
(Level 400)
Matija Lah
StreamInsight: Complex Event
Processing by Microsoft (Level 200)
Constantin Klein
The Secret Life of APPLY: Helping Us
Work Smarter, Not Harder (Level 300)
Christina Leo
T-SQL User-Defined Functions
(Level 300)
Hugo Kornelis
Using Your Brain to Beat SQL Server
(Level 500)
Adam Machanic & Thomas Kejser



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