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The PASS SQLRally Dallas lineup features 60 real-world technical sessions - 20 chosen by community vote - from some of the best-known SQL Server and Business Intelligence experts in the industry.

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Session Code Key

Each session code identifies the session track, experience level, and the type of session.  If the session code doesn't have a third element, the presentation is a standard community session.  For example, if a session is identified as

The "DBA" part refers to the track
The "201" refers to the session number within the experience level (200)
And the "P" refers to the session category, in this case a Pre-conference session

(P=Pre-conference; no third element = Standard session)

Experience Level Definitions

100 - Novice
200 - Intermediate
300 - Advanced
400 - Expert

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Building a Write-Back Application with Analysis Services (BI-201)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Write-back is a powerful feature of Analysis Services that provides the ability to input data...
Bryan Smith

Dashboards: How to Choose Which MSBI Tool (Community Pick) (BI-202)
Business Intelligence (BI)
The Microsoft BI stack has a few choices for visualization. We will explore options, flexibility,...
Melissa Coates

Data Mining (It's not the size of your data - it's what you do with it) (BI-300)
Business Intelligence (BI)
This all-demo session will focus on data mining from non-traditional sources. Many of you can mine...
Adam Jorgensen, Devin Knight

Data Warehouse Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make (BI-203)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Many data professionals understand the basics of Data Warehouse design, including Dimension and...
David Stein

Got a Data Mess the Size of Texas? Data Cleansing Using the "Scrubbing Bubbles" of SSIS (BI-205)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Got data that is a mess and that you have been asked to clean up before loading into your data...
Amy Lewis

Introduction to Data Quality Services (Community Pick) (BI-101)
Business Intelligence (BI)
In this session, we will take a quick tour of the new data quality tool released with SQL Server...
Tim Mitchell

Overcoming Barriers and Avoiding Mistakes with BI (BI-303)
Business Intelligence (BI)
A Dynamic Dialog session: Whether you’re considering implementing business intelligence for the...
William E Pearson III

The Report Part Library: Increasing Development Productivity in Reporting Services (BI-206)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services and Report Builder 3.0, report writers can store,...

Tuning Analysis Services Performance (BI-305)
Business Intelligence (BI)
You’ve got your Analysis Services cube created, and deployed in production. However, you notice...
John Welch

Eating the Elephant: SQL Server Table Partitioning (Community Pick) (DBA-302)
Database Administration (DBA)
Is your table fat? Do you need to manage a table that has billions of rows within it and are...
Michael Fal

Fixing Bad Parameter Sniffing for Better Query Performance (DBA-202)
Database Administration (DBA)
Parameter sniffing is a misunderstood issue on SQL Server. Most of the time, parameter sniffing is...
Grant Fritchey

Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell (DBA-306)
Database Administration (DBA)
We all know how important it is to keep a baseline of performance metrics that allow us to know...
Allen White

Manage Your Shop with CMS & Policy Based Management (DBA-206)
Database Administration (DBA)
In this presentation we talk about Central Management Server and how it can help you manage a...
Ryan Adams

PowerShell: Are You Checking Out My Profile? (DBA-101)
Database Administration (DBA)
PowerShell is a very powerful management tool, and you can spend hours writing magical scripts to...
Nicholas Cain

SQL Internals, Recovery Models, and Backups! OH MY! (Community Pick) (DBA-205)
Database Administration (DBA)
The more you know about SQL Server, the more you understand how it works. SQL Server is a product...
Bradley Ball

STOP! Consolidate and Listen! (DBA-102)
Database Administration (DBA)
In today's economic times, we are being asked to do more with less. Less budget, less hardware and...
Jorge Segarra

The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects (DBA-305)
Database Administration (DBA)
Taking the periodic table of elements into consideration, I've created The Periodic Table of...
Tim Ford

Database Design Contentious Issues (DEV-200)
Development (DEV)
Are you opinionated? Are you usually right? Do you wish you could tell others about your database...
Karen Lopez

Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional (Community Pick) (DEV-100)
Development (DEV)
Are you confident that your application performs as expected on Leap Day? Do you know how long it...
Vicky Harp

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Indexes but were Afraid to Ask (DEV-201)
Development (DEV)
No system ever performs well even on the most powerful hardware unless the database is efficiently...
Dmitri Korotkevitch

SQL Server Internals and Architecture (DEV-102)
Development (DEV)
Let’s face it, you can do many SQL Server tasks without knowing how SQL Server works. Many...
Kevin Kline

"Turbo Charge" Your DBA Career (Community Pick) (PD-100)
Professional Development (PD)
This session will focus on things you can do to boost your SQL career. While it is targeted at new...
Sri Sridharan

Building Your Professional Development Plan (PD-101)
Professional Development (PD)
Ready to take the next step in your career? Ready to build a plan that will get you there? This...
Andy Warren

Social Marketing 2012 for Microsoft Professionals (PD-102)
Professional Development (PD)
Developing a social media platform is a challenge for high-end professionals and consultants. Come...
Mark Tabladillo

Developing and Managing a BI Semantic Tabular Model in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (SS12-201)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
In SQL Server 2012, Analysis Services can now run in a Tabular model, allowing IT professionals to...
Patrick LeBlanc

Manage SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server Core with PowerShell (SS12-300)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
Windows Server 2008 introduced Server Core, the operating system without the Graphical User...
Allen White

SSIS 2012 - Instrumentation and Logging (SS12-202)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
This session is for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) developers who want to learn more about...
Andy Leonard

Transparent Data Encryption Inside and Out in SQL 2012 (Community Pick) (SS12-302)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
Security is a very important part of your job and in how data is utilized. We have many tools to...
Bradley Ball

Upgrade Roadmap: Let’s Delve into SQL Server 2012 (SS12-203)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
We will review the upgrade process to SQL Server 2012. An upgrade is 75% project planning and 25%...
Craig Purnell

Using SQL Server 2012's Always On (SS12-303)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
In this session, we will look at the functionality provided with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as part...
Denny Cherry

Friday, May 11, 2012

Business Intelligence in Azure: SSIS & SSRS Focus (BI-100)
Business Intelligence (BI)
What does Azure offer to Business Intelligence developers and those who use BI every day? Come to...
Jen Stirrup

DirectQuery vs VertiPaq (Cached) Mode in Tabular Model (Community Pick) (BI-301)
Business Intelligence (BI)
The new and flashy Tabular Model for Analysis Services has been highly pitched, with the in-memory...
Julie Koesmarno

Fitting Hadoop into Your Enterprise BI Strategy (BI-204)
Business Intelligence (BI)
What is this Big Data thing and why should you care? Learn about Microsoft's Hadoop connectors, our...
Cindy Gross

Making Heads or Tails of Analysis Services Storage (BI-302)
Business Intelligence (BI)
If you are about to start a new Microsoft business intelligence project, you have more Analysis...
Greg Galloway

Managed Self-Service BI & Data as a Service (Community Pick) (BI-200)
Business Intelligence (BI)
You know BI, right? Well kids, traditional Business Intelligence is changing! You heard about the...
Melissa Coates

SSIS Performance Tuning (Community Pick) (BI-304)
Business Intelligence (BI)
Tuning the performance of Integration Services packages can be challenging. You have to consider...
John Welch

Zero to Cube - Fast Track to Analytics (Community Pick) (BI-306)
Business Intelligence (BI)
This session has been updated for SQL Server 2012. It is consistently a top session from previous...
Adam Jorgensen, Dustin Ryan

Compression - Define your Strategy (DBA-300)
Database Administration (DBA)
The Enterprise-only Compression feature can make dramatic differences to your SQL Server storage...
Neil Hambly

Data Governance 101 - Environment, Space and Security (Community Pick) (DBA-301)
Database Administration (DBA)
Data governance is a set of processes that ensures that important data assets are formally managed...
Sri Sridharan

Deadlock Detection, Troubleshooting & Prevention (DBA-201)
Database Administration (DBA)
As an enterprise application grows and load increases, some concurrency issues are bound to...
Trevor Barkhouse

Fundamentals of SAN, NAS and IP Storage (DBA-203)
Database Administration (DBA)
You have two major options for storage with SQL Server: direct-attached storage that isn’t shared...
Wesley Brown

How to Monitor Your SQL Server for Performance & High Availability (DBA-100)
Database Administration (DBA)
Is your phone ringing off the hook your first sign of SQL Server performance or availability...
Brad McGehee

Mirroring Start to Finish (Community Pick) (DBA-204)
Database Administration (DBA)
Mirroring can be an integral part of your high availability and disaster recovery planning. We’ll...
Ryan Adams

TempDB: Performance and Manageability (DBA-303)
Database Administration (DBA)
Misconceptions and inconsistent advice on tempDB abounds - even highly skilled DBAs cannot always...
Robert Davis

The Backup Tune-up (Community Pick) (DBA-304)
Database Administration (DBA)
Have you gotten tired of your 1TB database taking 4+ hours to back up? Are you sick of having your...
Sean McCown

Understanding Backups (Community Pick) (DBA-103)
Database Administration (DBA)
One of the most important functions a DBA can perform is the backup. And far too many DBAs rely on...
Sean McCown

Advanced DDL Constraints (Community Pick) (DEV-300)
Development (DEV)
Most SQL programmers do not use the full power of DDL and therefore have to put needless work into...
Joe Celko

Death by UDF (DEV-301)
Development (DEV)
What can I say? Using User Defined Functions in your database code is like playing Russian Roulette...
Kevin Boles

T-SQL Deployment and Continuous Integration Best Practices (Community Pick) (DEV-202)
Development (DEV)
While most T-SQL developers focus on writing quality T-SQL code and efficient queries, what they...
Grant Fritchey

Unraveling Tangled Code – A Spellbinding Tale of Victory Over Chaos (DEV-203)
Development (DEV)
Once upon a time, you inherited an application or a database that was filled with chaos and...
Jennifer McCown

What Sequence Objects Are (and Are Not) (DEV-302)
Development (DEV)
SQL Server 2012 adds a new object to our arsenal called a sequence, which can give us the...
Louis Davidson

So, You Want to Start a Career in BI (Community Pick) (PD-200)
Professional Development (PD)
So you want to start a career in Business Intelligence? Or maybe you're a DBA who suddenly has...
Erin Welker

Adapting Your ETL Solutions to Use SSIS 2012 (SS12-200)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
With all the great new features added to SSIS in SQL Server 2012, it is important to understand how...
Devin Knight

Digging into Reporting Services 2012 with SharePoint 2010 (SS12-400)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
In this session, we will go through a deployment of Reporting Services 2012 with SharePoint...
Adam Saxton

Enter the Dragon: SQL 2012 on Server Core (SS12-401)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
In 1982 the Dragon 32 entered the home computer market but unfortunately there was one small...
Mark Broadbent

SQL Server 2012 T-SQL (SS12-301)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
SQL Server 2012 has something for everyone with AlwaysOn, the Column Store Index, the BI Semantic...
Kathi Kellenberger

SQL Server 2012: Memory Manager Rebooted (SS12-402)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
Troubleshooting and understanding the various mechanisms of SQL Server memory management is often a...
Suresh Kandoth

Troubleshooting Performance on SQL Server 2012 with Extended Events (SS12-403)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
Have you heard of Extended Events (XEvents)? Has it been hard for you to figure out how to take...
Rohit Nayak

Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 (Community Pick) (SS12-204)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
Columnstore indexes in SQL Server 2012 will allow you to significantly improve the processing time...
Carlos Bossy

What's New for SQL Server 2012 Supportability (SS12-404)
SQL Server 2012 and Beyond (SS12)
SQL Server 2012 provides many new enhancements for administrators to use in maintaining and...
Bob Ward

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