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Sessions: Professional Development


Professional Development


Selected Sessions

Title: Career Success in the Data Profession during Turbulent Times
Speaker: Karen Lopez
Category: Regular Session
Level: 100

A workshop on issues and ideas that today's data architects and database administrators can do to build their careers and networking skills with other data professionals. Workshop topics will include:
• Demonstrating your expertise
• Building a portfolio of your success stories
• Getting others to sell your skills and business value
• Building & extending your data skill set
• 10 Steps to highlighting you and your work

Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences with hiring others and finding jobs for themselves.

Session Goals
  • Understand how to best present your portfolio of success to potential employers
  • Understand how to build a network of professionals who will help you find your next job/contract.
  • Share your own career management knowledge with others
Speaker Bio: Sr. Project Manager and Architect for InfoAdvisors, a Toronto-based consulting firm. I'm a frequent speaker at conferences and local user groups. I have 20+ years of experience in project and data management on large, multi-project programs. I'm a chronic volunteer for local and international professional societies. I want you to Love Your Data.

Title: Iceberg, Dead Ahead! Lessons from real life disasters for the database professional
Speaker: Mike Walsh
Category: Regular Session
Level: 100
Abstract: What does a plane crash have to do with technical skills? You might be surprised… There are many lessons to be learned from disasters and our response to them. Most accidents are caused not by a single factor, but by a series of seemingly-small missteps. It’s the same in our offices: carelessness or complacency can lead to a resume-altering disaster. Even if a freak accident occurs, training and preparation can make a difference in the outcome. In this session we’ll dig deep into some real-life disasters and see what lessons we can take back to our day jobs. We’ll explore corollaries between the news stories and those heart-pumping times when our cubes are filled with VPs and CIOs. Fasten your seatbelts as Mike Walsh takes us on a journey through the headlines in search of a healthy respect for the unexpected. We'll pick 3 or 4 of the most common disaster causing attitudes and behaviors, show real world examples of them causing disasters and then talk about what they can do to our own projects. We'll also discuss disaster mitigating attitudes and behaviors and how we can work on them in ourselves and our teams.
Session Goals
  • Learn about common behavior and attitude patterns in disasters of all types
  • Identify those behaviors in yourself or your project teams.
  • Leave with a new way of thinking and a desire to change these attitudes and behaviors.
Speaker Bio: Mike is an experienced SQL Server professional and has worked with SQL Server for over ten years. He has performed the duties of Database Administrator, Developer, Architect and Performance Team Lead but always leans on his DBA experience in each role. Mike is working for a Microsoft Solutions Provider in Portland Maine, Winxnet as a Sr. SQL Server Systems Consultant. He is the president and co-founder of the Seacoast SQL Server Users Group in Portsmouth, NH; he blogs at www.straightpathsql.com and contributes to community projects like SQL University.

Title: SQL University: Lightning Talks
Speaker: Jorge Segarra
Category: Summit Spotlight
Level: 100
Abstract: SQL University is a blog-based project created to help folks learn SQL Server from the ground up, directly from the SQL Server experts from all around the world, all for free! In this lightning session event we'll have a collection of our professors who bring you all this great knowledge online present to you this content live! Each professor will present a max of 10 minutes on a variety of topics including administration, business intelligence, professional development and more! At the end of the talks we'll have a Q&A session so you can ask the experts directly! If you wish to get started in the vast world of SQL Server and want a quick primer on various aspects of this platform, or if you've been in the field a bit and just want to brush up on your basics come check this session out!
Session Goals
  • Expose audience to the various facets of SQL Server platform and roles/jobs/responsibilities associated with them.
  • Identify good, quality sources of information to reference as well as experts in the fields to tap as resources in your education.
  • Come away with a basic grasp of various topics as well as forge new relationships with the presenting experts.
Speaker Bio: I’m an MCTS (SQL Server 2005) currently working as a BI Consultant for Pragmatic Works consulting. In addition to being a member of the Tampa SQL Server, Tampa SQL Server Business Intelligence, and VMware user groups I am also a Hypervisor for the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter and a Regional Mentor for PASS. I have also co-authored the book from Apress “SQL 2008 Pro Policy-Based Management“. Redgate Exceptional DBA of the Year 2010 Finalist.
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