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About the Speaker

Lubor Kollar

Lubor is a member of SQL Server development group since the 6.5 release in 1996. As a Program Manager, he was responsible for development of the Relational Engine. Among many features he was working on, probably the most significant were the first version of failover clustering, introduction of query parallelism taking advantage of multi-CPU and (later) multi-core machines, outlining needs for Resource Governor a long time before it was developed, and serving as a PM for table and index partitioning in SQL Server 2005, when he briefly took over GPM-ing the whole engine.

After shipping SQL Server 2005, Lubor joined the Customer & Partner Group, composed of several customer and partner-facing teams. Lubor managed the Customer Advisory Team (CAT), designing the largest and most demanding implementations of SQL Server around the world. In 2010, Lubor joined the SQL Azure team, where he built a new team of program managers and developers supporting deployment of selected applications on the Azure platform. Later the same year, he completed the “loop” and rejoined the core engine development team, leading a team of Program Managers responsible for query optimization, query execution, data warehousing, and scale-out.

Before joining Microsoft, Lubor was developing DB2 engines for various OS platforms in IBM laboratories in Toronto and Santa Teresa, including the first version of DB2 on Unix. His last project at IBM was development of IBM's first scale-out DB solution, DB2 Paral
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