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Analyze & Interpret
Discover & Integrate
Visualize & Inform

Analyze & Interpret

Analyzing Healthcare Open Data with Power BI
In this session we will explore and evaluate Healthcare data that is freely available to the...
Dan English

Big Data Analytics with SparkR
SparkR, an R package that provides an interface with Apache Spark, leverages Spark’s powerful...
Jen Underwood

Disrupt the static nature of BI with Predictive Anomaly Detection
The static nature of BI today result business insight latency, that cost companies millions of...
Uri Maoz

Using R to Clean and Transform Small Data
Big data yes, dark data perhaps but small data – really?  Small data is high value data which is...
Mark Wilcock

Discover & Integrate

Real World Predictive Analytics
Join us in this session to explore how predictive analytics is being used in the real world. We...
Miguel Molina-Cosculluela, Diwakar Rajagopal

Visualize & Inform

Visualizing Multiple Time Series with R in Power BI
Power BI and R together offer an enjoyable way for business users to quickly consume complex...
Bill McLellan