Virtual learning is a key part of delivering content to our global membership. Learn more about the types of webinars and recorded content we offer.

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24 Hours of PASS

24 Hours of PASS are regular online events, usually delivered as 24 back-to-back, live webinars over a 24-hour period. Topics range from PASS Summit previews to in-depth training on the latest technologies and services.

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BA Marathon

BA Marathons are virtual training sessions delivered as one ongoing event, and are held several times a year. Learn from leading experts on a wide variety of business analytics topics, including R, data visualization, Power BI, and business intelligence.

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Virtual Group Webinars

Enjoy webcasts from top data professionals and industry experts, online forums and resources. Multiple webinars are presented and recorded each year by more than 25 Virtual Groups, including eight delivered in foreign languages. Topics range from Application Development to Women in Technology.

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