SQLSaturday Update

Within the next 30 days or so, SQLSaturday should officially be in the PASS fold. And I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a quick update—and to thank the SQL Server community for its enthusiastic support of SQLSaturday over the past 3 years. We appreciate your patience as we work to transition the event logistics and administration with the least amount of disruption to organizers and attendees.

PASS is committed to keeping SQLSaturday as grassroots and community-driven as it has always been, with the added benefit of providing you more support as you plan and put on your events. We’ve been working intently the past couple of months to make the handoff from SQLSaturday’s founders to PASS as smooth and seamless as possible. Because PASS is a not-for-profit organization, our auditors have identified a few changes we need to make in the areas of liability, funds-management, and privacy policy. You can read a detailed report from Andy Warren about those changes, which will mostly affect event leaders.

However, the attendee experience and the vast majority of processes for organizing a SQLSaturday event will stay the same:

To keep things simple, PASS HQ’s Blythe Morrow, who handles Community and Mentoring, will be your one-stop contact for everything SQLSaturday. Joining Blythe on the support team are Sanjeet Gandham for website logistics and sponsorships and David Yang for IT troubleshooting. You can contact any of the team members directly or just contact Blythe and have her direct your questions or comments to the appropriate person. And of course, Andy Warren is still available to share his wealth of SQLSaturday experience and advice.

We hope to have all the transition details worked out by early May and will communicate the changes directly to SQLSaturday event leaders as well as to the community. Until then, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you to make your SQLSaturday events the best they can be.

Rushabh Mehta
PASS President