PASS Connector Editorial for January 13 - by Rushabh Mehta

Making 2010 a Year to Remember

2009 was a fantastic growth year for PASS. Our membership grew 51%, surpassing 50,000 registered members worldwide. And we saw a 57% growth in chapters, ending the year with 205 chapters in more than 50 countries.

Building on these and other successes, we have some lofty goals for 2010, in terms of growth as an organization and providing SQL Server readiness activities through online and offline events around the world. As I take the helm of PASS this month, I am very excited about the year ahead and building on 2009's growth.

This is a release year for SQL Server, with SQL Server 2008 R2 set for release in just a few months. Unlike normal mid-cycle releases, R2 will deliver exciting features, especially in the BI space with integration with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010. I highlighted some of my favorite R2 features in the Database Applications and Trends article "BI in SQL Server 2008 R2: Empowering Business Users." I believe SQL Server 2008 R2 will be a game-changer in many ways, particularly for innovations in self-service BI capabilities and delivering true enterprise scale with the Parallel Data Warehouse.

Some companies are getting an early start implementing and taking advantage of these new innovations. And PASS will be on the front lines of delivering practical readiness information and guidance to the community so that you can make the right decisions for your organization and get up to speed on the latest skill sets in the industry.

We have strong leadership in place and an energized and amazing HQ team. We have strong partnerships with our founding members, Microsoft and CA, and solid support from the vendor community. And most important, we have a passionate community that is looking forward to making 2010 a year to remember. We're actively planning a number of exciting initiatives that will deliver solid value to our community; stay tuned to the Connector for some exciting announcements in 2010.

Rushabh Mehta
PASS President